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wiggle launches new LifeLine bicycle cleaning products and lubes

New brushes, lubes and cleaning products now available from wiggle

LifeLine is online retailer wiggle’s own accessory range and it has just sent over details of some new bicycle cleaning products and lubes, including the Essential Bike and Chain Cleaning Kit and two new chain lubes. 

It goes without saying that keeping your bicycle clean and the transmission well maintained makes good sense, as it’ll not only prolong the life of the expensive components, but also improve efficiency. wiggle tells us that every product has been developed and tested in the UK.

If you are new to cycling, the LifeLine Essential Bike and Chain Cleaning Kit (£20) is a really good starting point. It includes five brushes specially designed to get into all the tight nooks of the bicycle transmission - two brushes are shaped to help clean the chain, cassette, chainrings and derailleurs, while the other three brushes are for reaching dirt in hard to reach areas of your frame. There’s also a chain cleaning mechanism to effortlessly scrub dirt off the chain without getting your hands dirty.

Yes you can use washing up liquid to clean your bicycle, but you’re better off using a proper bike cleaner. The LifeLine Bike Cleaner (£4) is a 1 litre bottle of specially formulated cleaner with a handy spray nozzle. It has a 100% acid-free formula which is says it safe to use on all painted and plated finishes as well as braking components.

The LifeLine range now includes a choice of lubes, a Wet Lube and Dry Lube with Teflon, both available in 50 and 100ml sizes and costing £2.50 and £3.50 respectively. When prices for bicycle lubes can sometimes seem rather high, LifeLife’s lubes look to represent good value. We’ve got some of the new products coming in for test so we can see if they perform.

The Wet Lube is intended for riding in bad weather, when the roads are covered in rain water and dirt. It’s manufactured from a blend of synthetic oils.

The Dry Lube with Teflon is, as the name suggests, designed for riding in dry weather. The added Teflon is intended to reduce friction for maximum efficiency and is claimed to prevent dirt and grime building up on the chain, by forming a protective film over the chain.

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