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Singlespeed conversion for Campagnolo

Converting a Campag set up to singlespeed just got easier

New from A2Z is this tidy conversion kit for adapting existing Campagnolo 9 and 10-speed rear hubs to single speed.

Note that it won't give you a "fixie" because your existing freehub body will continue to do its thing but it's a good start for little money and might give you a successful trial that inspires you to invest in a whole new fixed track hub. More likely, you'll be perfectly happy with your single "free" gear.

In the kit you get a 16 and 18-tooth sprocket - choose your weapon - along with 2 x 7.2mm and 1 x 20mm black anodized and laser-etched spacers, the latter to get the chain line correctly aligned. Price is £14.95 from Windwave

This adds to the already-existing kit for converting Shimano 8 and 9-speed hubs.

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