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London Cycling Campaign launches 60-Second Bike Security Survey

What problems have you experienced with cycle theft, as if we have to ask?

London's cyclists are being urged to complete a short 60 second survey on cycle security put together by the London Cycling Campaign. Bike theft is a constant nagging headache for most urban cyclists and the LCC wants to move it up the agenda for the capital's police and politicians.

One of the objectives of the LCC is to lobby the Mayor's office and police with accurate data from real-life situations. This month they're running a 60-Second Survey which they hope as many people as possible will complete and they'll use this information to help get some action, especially to tackle the websites that specialise in selling stolen bikes.

LCC communications officer Mike Cavenett said, "The situation where people are having to 'police' street markets and websites themselves has got to stop. "Theft costs the city millions in property each year, along with the hidden cost of all those lost cyclists who can't afford or just don't have the will to replace a stolen bike."

Click here for the survey

A good solid week of great weather is bound to inspire many more people out on their bikes for commuting, errands and leisure. Which is a good thing. Not so good is that no sooner have many of these new cyclists turned their backs while working, shopping or popping into the pub than a reawakened army of thieves will be relieving them of their bikes, possibly causing a disappointed return to cars and public transport with a shrug of, "This is all a bit too much trouble and expense."

Even the committed, all-year-round cyclists who invest heavily in good locks for their cherished mounts are in dismay with many a forum like this one on Singletrack bemoaning yet another "disappeared" bike and the inevitable but usually fruitless quest for its return. 

What problems have you experienced with cycle theft?

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cat1commuter | 14 years ago

Two bikes taken in Cambridge from different houses where I lived. Have had parts removed from bikes too.

One of my friends had her bike stolen shortly after moving here, and has never bothered to replace it.

G-bitch | 14 years ago

I've been lucky - had one stolen when left unlocked outside a shop but managed to cadge a lift of a stranger and found it outside another shop half a mile down the road.

dave atkinson | 14 years ago

how many bikes have y'all had stolen? two for me: a crappy mtb when i was at uni, and a nice-ish cannondale from the lean-to at the back of my house. Had a town hack stolen once too but that doesn't count cause i never locked it up...

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