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£65,000 boost for Lancs university bike security

Preston campus gets secure bike shed and 10 new bike lockers

The University of Central Lancashire (UCLan) is installing a secure store for 40 bikes with an additional 10 lockers across the campus in an effort to thwart thieves who have targeted cyclists.

A spokesman for the university said: "Currently, 5% of staff and 1% of our student population cycle to and from the university on a regular basis. We want to encourage more of the university community to consider cycling as a commuting option so we are in the process of upgrading our cycle storage facilities."

Currently, the establishment has racks for 140 bikes spread across campus and is investing £65,000 in the new security facilities.

The spokesman added: "Over the next few years we would like to double the numbers of students and staff cycling to the university but this will only be achieved if we continue to upgrade bike safety, security and infrastructure across the campus.

"The whole campus is covered by CCTV which we hope is an added deterrent to thieves. You cannot get from one side to the other without being caught on camera."

Sgt Julian Ormiston of Preston Police, said: "The university has produced funding to enable students to securely lock bikes away and alongside this we secured funding to purchase some bike locks for cyclists."

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cat1commuter | 12 years ago

Absolutely pathetic number of bike parking spaces, considering that they have just short of 35,000 students!

bikerboyGP | 12 years ago

This facility is not secure. There has already been one theft from the unit. The culprit was caught on CCTV yanking the door open with just brute force. So much for this 'state of the art' facility, which by the way, took and inordinate amount of time to build.

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