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Product News: When Cycling Shoes Attack!

Bont unleash the Crono what they claim is the world's first time trial specific cycling shoe

We very nearly dropped our chocolate biscuits when we saw this pop up earlier from London bike shop Condor Cycles and they were obviously scratching their heads, slack-jawed too because the message read "Bont TT shoe - thoughts?"

Cycling shoemakers Bont "Proudly Australian since 1975" are not unfamiliar to us in the sense that we have taken loads of photographs of their shoes at the international shows and we've noticed them on the feet of numerous professionals not least office favourite Cervelo Test Team's Thor Hushovd. But we can't say the company's presence has been anything other than low-key in the UK.

They do make some extraordinary-looking shoes which we have admired in a kind of well-that's-OK-for-pros kind of way and they do make a big thing about their custom heat-moulding process which adapts each shoe to the peculiarities of your foot. But then for £350 you'd hope so.

This new aerodynamic, all carbon-fibre Crono time-trial-specific shoe, however, really gets our attention because once you're over the initial "What the....." moment they do make sense in concept. After all, jet fighters, speed boats and Lamborghinis are shaped the way they are to cheat the wind and as Bont point out,  "your feet are the fastest moving part of a bike."  Or something.  Just like a Lamborghini owner, you won't be needing to ask how much but we did and they're £400.

We have a hunch there will be some of Condor's literally well-heeled customers hurtling along the principal A-roads of the home counties in the early mornings this summer, wearing these.

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