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Masi bikes now "not so soon"

Masi vs Massi. Legal hold-up on new UK distribution deal

It seems our recent story about American/Italian bike brand Masi's imminent arrival on these shores was a tad premature.

We reported on 12th April that Masi in the USA had signed a deal with Monterey Industries in this country to distribute the bike brand in Europe. Now, according to Carlton Reid of the trade magazine and website BikeBiz, the day of our report coincided with the Spanish company Case Masferrer sending a "cease and desist" letter to Monterey Industries claiming that the Masi brand would infringe on their own Massi brand in Europe.

Now Masi in the USA has retained UK lawyers to assert its rights to the Masi name and plans to pursue the distribution deal with Monterey Industries in the UK. But it means you probably don't need to be asking for that new Masi at the local bike shop just yet. Stand by.

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