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Cyclist calls Boris Johnson a prick at cycle route opening – Johnson cites it as example of what’s great about London

Urges successor to continue investing in cycling

Boris Johnson says a cyclist who called him a ‘prick’ at the opening of London’s new ‘crossrail for bikes’ is an example of what’s great about the city. The Conservative MP said he had received a ‘hail of abuse’ from motorists and others in the run-up to the opening of the cycle superhighway – “then finally on day one, the cyclists themselves.”

Speaking to LBC Radio on his last day of office, Johnson said he had just come from opening the new cycle route where he had generally been given a warm reception.

“There were hundreds of cyclists who were really enthusiastic and going 'three cheers' and all this sort of stuff, and the cameras were running. Then this cyclist came up, I was doing my final bit to camera about how proud I was, and this cyclist came past and went 'P****'."

Johnson took the insult in good spirit, however, saying:

"You get a hail of abuse from the people in the limos, the Financial Times has gone absolutely crazy about this thing, the cab drivers don't like it, all that sort of thing, and then finally on day one, the cyclists themselves.

"But that's why it's a great city. Can I just say, there are cities around the world where people wouldn't dare to do that. It's worth thinking about."

The “Cycle Crossrail” is a fully protected bike route running for just under three miles from Tower Hill to Parliament Square that will eventually run past Buckingham Palace and through Hyde Park to Acton, in West London. Its opening was Johnson’s final act as mayor before Sadiq Khan took over.

Johnson urged his successor to continue investing in cycling and lobbying central government for transport funding. “There’s so much to be done in outer London, too many journeys are being made by car that could be made by bicycle,” he said.

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HarrogateSpa | 8 years ago

Johnson has done well in building these quality cycle lanes, and deserves credit. 

Saying that 'there are countries around the world where people wouldn't dare do that' is slightly sinister. It sounds to me as though he wishes he could order the person to be taken to the Tower, or to be water-cannoned, for the affront to his personal dignity. 

handlebarcam | 8 years ago

If there's no video of this then it didn't happen. And, remarkably, a YouTube search for videos posted in the last week using the keywords "boris johnson prick" returns absolutely nothing. There is, however, plenty of evidence out there that he is a liar/fantasist/moron.

bikebot replied to handlebarcam | 8 years ago

handlebarcam wrote:

...a YouTube search for videos posted in the last week using the keywords "boris johnson prick" returns absolutely nothing. 

Phew, you're a braver man than me to search for that!

ron611087 | 8 years ago

Boris infuriates me, his politics aren't mine, but he weathered some fairly heavy flack from all directions to get the protected facilities completed. I'll give him credit for that.

I predict that these facilities will prove their worth by by using less space to transport more people than the adjacent motor lanes, and the increased cycling volumes will boost the political clout that cyclists have. Politicians won't be able to ignore us and we will get more. Other UK cities will be obliged to take notice

Boris is still a prime prick though.

patto583 | 8 years ago

Could it be something to do with him stringing along ASO to the point where they offered the TDF start, then cancelling at the last minute perhaps?

He is a prick, for this and many other reasons, but that's not to say he hasn't done some good for cycling in London.

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