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Pensioner who intervened in bike theft has his car stolen instead

76-year-old stopped car to investigate - giving thief the perfect getaway vehicle

A man who intervened to stop a bicycle being stolen in the US got a shock when the woman thief decided to take his car instead.

45-year-old Saul Cortes-Morales was outside a Dillons Pharmacy when he noticed 36-year-old Dannyel Sutton-Feldkamp, who appeared to be stealing his bike from outside the shop.

The pair began to physically tussle over the bike, at around 2pm on Monday, until 76-year-old Christopher Crank pulled up in his car to see what was going on.

He got out of his Buick LeSabre to investigate, leaving the car still running.

In the commotion, Sutton-Feldkamp took the opportunity to nip into the car, and drove off onto Interstate 135.

Witnesses were able to alert the police, and the car was found in Westport, Kansas.

Sutton-Feldkamp was charged with theft and felony theft, and remanded in Saline County Jail, according to the local Salina Post.


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Dnnnnnn | 7 years ago

Umm... this was in the USA. It's a relatively minor crime. Just because a bicycle was involved, is it really news over here?!

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