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Wagamama advertising bike removed after backlash

Cyclists complained the bike, parked near Mansion House tube station in London, was taking up valuable street space...but what became of it?

A Wagamama advertising bike has been removed from a London bike rack following a social media backlash.

The bike, which was painted green and bore a sign advertising the nearest branch of the noodle chain, angered cyclists for taking up limited bike parking spaces, and for potentially breaching advertising rules.

Wagamama confirmed to last week that the bike was removed from a bike rack near Mansion House underground station.

Wagamama advertising bike draws cyclists' ire

However, it gave no details on who removed the bike. Cyclists on Reddit post “how to advertise like a complete c***womble” called for it to be removed by the council, while others suggested reporting it to website, which gathers information about issues on UK streets and passes them on to the relevant authority.

“Report it to the council as an abandoned bike or illegal advertisement. Council gets money from advertising so should take it seriously,” one Reddit user said.

Others suggested removing the Wagamama sign from the bike rack, near Mansion House tube station, and photographing it at different restaurants around London.

Have you seen it? Send us a photo if so.

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LegalFun | 7 years ago

The question for me, is are they trying to advertise specifically to cyclists, or are they just using it instead of a typical a-board?

Dnnnnnn | 7 years ago


a social media backlash

Really? I do hope not. There are better uses for time wasted.

Metaphor | 7 years ago
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Why isn't this breaking news on the BBC?

Dnnnnnn replied to Metaphor | 7 years ago

Ramuz wrote:

Why isn't this breaking news on the BBC?

It's because of their left-wing bias.

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