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Herne Hill Velodrome crowdfunds last push to kit out pavilion

Want your name on a seat in the grandstand? Click on over here...

Members of the public have raised almost £60,000 of a £75,000 target to kit out a new pavilion as the crowning glory of the Herne Hill Velodrome.

In 2010 the velodrome was saved from impending closure due to a drastically deteriorated surface and length of leasehold issues. The Save the Velodrome Campaign was launched, and secured a 99 year lease with the landowners.

With a combination of charity funds and various sponsors including Sport England, the Marathon Trust, the Mayor’s Fund and Southwark Council, resurfacing the track was completed in 2012, with all-weather tarmac, lights, an inner track and a multi-use games area were completed in 2014, and the final drive is on to fund building and fitting out a new pavilion.

The building itself will be completed in early 2017 but will need fitting out, with a changing room and toilets, offices and a kitchen, and most importantly, a club room and grandstand.

Velodrome supporters are asked to pledge their cash and receive a reward if the project is fully funded by the end of January.

Those paying over £150 can have their name plaque on a seat in the grandstand, among other rewards.

To donate or see the plans, click here.

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