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First look: Giant TCX 'cross bike + vid

As ridden by Rabobank, now available to mortals

Giant invited us to breakfast to have a look at their new cyclocross bike, but luckily it was still there when we finally rocked up at lunchtime. The TCX has been used by the Rabobank 'cross riders this season and has been tweaked along the way, now it's available to buy. It's a fine looking bike and there are some very neat touches too.

The frame and fork are both full Carbon, and the cable routing is internal which helps (a bit) with shouldering the bike and keeps them out of the muck. Both cables exit at the bottom bracket and take the normal external route to the mechs. Giant have done a lot of work on the mud clearance, which they claim is the best in class, and they've also tweaked the ride characteristics of the integrated seatpost to make it a bit more compliant over the rough stuff than the roadgoing version.

The rear brake routing is interesting, with the cable exiting the centre of the seatpost to give a nice even pull on the cantis, though aesthete Jo wasn't happy about the fact that the seatstays started 'a bit low' as a result...

The demo bike at the show was running Dura Ace with an FSA K-Force 46/36 Carbon crankset and the bike was sporting some rather fetching TRP Eurox cantis too. We don't have a UK price yet but we'll find out as soon as we can...

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