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'Just good friends' outcome for Giro cyclist fined for using race to ask woman on date (+ video)

The old scrawl-a-message-on-your-own-chest move earns a first date... but nothing more

Belgian time trial champion Victor Campenaerts was feeling pretty good about himself after applying a bit of felt tip to his own chest ahead of the Giro d’Italia’s stage 10 time trial. 'Carlien daten?' was the message he saw fit to broadcast to the world – but while the Carlien in question did indeed agree to go on a date with him, Het Nieuwsblad has since revealed that the two are going to “just stay friends”.

Campenaerts’ team said the stunt was ‘unprofessional’ and the UCI fined him 100 Swiss francs for "behaviour of a rider which damages the image of cycling” – although the sum was covered after someone set up a GoFundMe campaign.

Still, all looked good when Carlien went on telly and agreed to meet up.

She used to compete in triathlons and the two of them have trained together previously.

"I would like to eat and ride a bike, but maybe he won't want to after the Giro,” she said. “I certainly do not want to go to the movies. I always fall asleep."

Campenaerts confirmed that the date had gone ahead, but revealed that the pair would remain just friends.

“Will she continue to support me? Of course. Friends do that for each other,” he said.

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