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Video: Truck driver loses it with cyclist after collision in London

Warning: video contains strong language

Footage of a cyclist being hit by a truck at a London junction has been uploaded to YouTube. The cyclist appeared to be pretty much unharmed in the collision, but the incident did give rise to a lengthy exchange with the truck driver who believed he should not have been on the inside of his vehicle.

The collision took place on Cheyne Walk at the junction with Beaufort Street on June 2.

Several cyclists wait in the left-hand lane at a set of traffic lights alongside a truck. When the lights change, one is hit on the far side of the junction and squeezed to the kerb.

The truck driver stops and emerges from his vehicle.

“Are you fucking kidding me?” he says. “You’ve gone in the left hand lane and come on my inside lane on an artic, when over and over again it tells you on the adverts, do not go up the fucking left hand side of an artic.”

The cyclist says that, “everyone does that.”

The driver says it is illegal and tells the cyclist that the lane he had been in was “left turn only”.

Lane arrows are only advisory unless accompanied by instructional wording.

The cyclist who has captured the incident on his helmet cam then says: “You know there are cyclists on the inside all the time in London.”

“That’s fucking well different, innit,” says the driver.

When the truck driver pulls to the side of the road to exchange details, the cyclist who was hit rides off, saying he will “let it go”.

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