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Controversial £3.1m cycle link begun in Bradford

Local firms are opposing traffic restrictions - but the council is ploughing ahead

Work has begun on creating a ‘missing link’ segregated cycle path between Bradford and Shipley.

The £3.1 million CityConnect2 route has been controversial, but the council has ploughed ahead, saying the funding was at risk of being withdrawn if construction didn’t begin.

It should be open by the middle of next year.

The 2.3km two-way route runs from the city centre alongside Valley Road, passing the Forster Square retail park and Forster Square station, into Hillam Road.

The route passes some industrial areas, and firms argued that traffic restrictions would cause problems for them.

Paul Jaggar, managing director of builder’s merchant Uriah Woodhead and Sons, told the Telegraph and Argus that those affected were considering taking the matter to court by seeking a judicial review of the decision or by teaming up to lodge a class action against the authority for compensation.

Councillor Alex Ross-Shaw, Bradford Council’s executive member for regeneration, planning and transport, said: “It is important to get it on budget and on time. This is the most viable route. We are always willing to speak to businesses to see what we can do to address their concerns.

“It is a fantastic piece of infrastructure to get people to cycle more.”

As we reported earlier this year, the original CityConnect delivered just over 14km of segregated cycle route from Leeds city centre along the A647 to the new Broadway shopping centre in the centre of Bradford.

It was announced in February that more than 100,000 trips have been made on it since it opened in June last year.

Subsequent phases are planned provide additional sections to create a complete ‘loop’ around Leeds city centre, followed by additional segregated superhighway from the city centre south-east to access South Bank and the new education hub.

More information about completed and upcoming phases can be found here.

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severs1966 | 6 years ago

If city connect are driving this project, expect the entire thing to be built to lethally low standards and then used for parking lorries on without any enforcement.

the little onion | 6 years ago

This phase of the City Connect project is  better than the previous phases, though that is a disgracefully low bar. The original designs for this phase were better, but they were watered down by the council. 


However, what we saw with the previous phases is that the built infrastructure was different to the final designs. This new phase goes round the back of a few industrial units, where there will be HGVs making 90 degree turns. So any compromise will cause massive danger to users of the cycle path.


The budget is ridiculous for a straightforward project, but that is because a lot of the money is being used for marketing and communications. 

Bizzel | 6 years ago

I am glad the Super highway is being built and what I have seen so far it is taking shape. It will take time for people to get used to it and to work out the problems but it is a step in the right direction.
As the City Connect site says: "CityConnect is funded by the Department for Transport’s Cycle City Ambition Grant – money ring-fenced for cycling and active travel improvements."
I don't really care what the cost was. The impetus was created by hosting the Tour de France grand depart.
More details of the funding can be found here:
Regarding the York Road section mentioned in the comments. I tried this out and found it fine apart from a shared use section which was blocked by unfriendly pedestrians who didn't want to let me passed.
Not perfect but it is a start and when we have good cycle lanes people will demand more of them in future.

nbrus | 6 years ago

Positive news still seems to attract negative comments (just saying ). I'm sure some will be happy to hear about this project.

BehindTheBikesheds replied to nbrus | 6 years ago

nbrus wrote:

Positive news still seems to attract negative comments (just saying ). I'm sure some will be happy to hear about this project.

Because it's a shit ton of money for a short strip that going by the existing infra put in by the same people was crap according to the people who live there.

Being positive about overly expensive not fit for purpose infra is exactly the reason why massive amounts of money will continue to be spent on crap infra that falls well short of what is required.

I and many others have good reason to be pessimistic.

BehindTheBikesheds | 6 years ago

£3.1M for less than 1.5miles, absolutely ridiculous cost, this is always the case that cycle infra costs a shit ton more than any other, in many cases it's a way to put off putting it in place, removing crucial aspects or narrowing the lane/not meeting the spec that's needed.

The Leeds/Bradford route is already a shoddy bag o shite so not expecting this to be any better.

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