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Building a bamboo bike part 4: stuck in a bind

Our Dave finally gets a week without any sanding. Although it's probably just a sanding holiday.....

Happy Friday everyone! If you've been following Dave's bamboo bike build then you'll know that he's mostly been sanding things. But it all changes this week, with the tubes all mitred and stuck together. It's time to get gluing!

Our kit from the Bamboo Bicycle Club comes with hemp sheet and 2-part epoxy for sticking your bike together. It's a bit of a messy job, and of course it'll give Dave another thing to sand once all the glue has set. He'll be glad of that, we're sure. If you're enjoying the series, head over to our Youtube channel later to see the next instalment where Dave will be getting his paintbrushes out to finish off the frame and get it ready yo be built up. And then he'll have to ride it...

If you're interested in building your own bamboo bike then these kits are £260 and contain everything you need to get your frame built. Even sandpaper.*

*not enough sandpaper

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