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Video: Building a bamboo bike part 5

Dave's got to the point when he can stop sanding and start painting. And what paint!...

There's been a lot of sandpaper used up in the pursuit of Dave's frame build from the Bamboo Bicycle Club. But sooner or later it's time to stop sanding and make the thing look pretty. And that time has come. 

The idea was to get some fancy sparkly paint and paint it up to match the kit. Dave didn't quite get the colour match right there – the frame is a bit darker than the kit colour – but anyway, it looks mighty fine.

The next job is to get the frame built up, and actually go out for a ride on the finished bike. That'll be the topic for the next video, which will be on our Youtube channel later on this afternoon. Watch out for that! And after that he's planning to rock up to a race with the bamboo beauty and see if can deal with the cut and thrust of a third cat crit race. It's probably more capable than he is, to be honest.

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