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Cash boost for green transport in mid-Wales

Up to £1m earmarked for projects including cycle routes, parking

A grant of up to £1million to develop greener forms of travel is heading to Aberystwyth reports BBC Wales.

The cash will be used on new cycle and walking routes and cycle parking facilities at a number of locations across Mid Wales as well as on other schemes planned by Trafnidiaeth Canolbarth Cymru (TraCC).

The organisation is the regional transport consortium for mid Wales, providing regional solutions to local integrated transport issues. TraCC received the money after submitting a business plan in July. The grant is funded by the Welsh Assembly Government.

A group spokesman told the BBC: "The capital grant is to provide infrastructure improvements to allow people to use more environmentally sustainable and accessible forms of transport, such as walking, cycling, buses and trains.

"The project will not just benefit people living in the Aberystwyth area, as the improvements will be felt by people travelling longer distances to and from the area for their work or to get to school, college or university and for people visiting the shops, friends and relatives or on holiday."

Aberystwyth county councillor Alun Williams told BBC Wales: "A million pounds towards green travel projects is not a small sum in the current financial climate and the planned work to improve pedestrian and cycling facilities is especially welcome."

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Simon E | 13 years ago

Mid-Wales is a really hard nut to crack - very low population density, many isolated properties and villages up small winding roads, and of course the Cambrian mountains get in the way. The roads that don't go up the hills inevitably follow the valleys so carry the vast majority of the traffic. This makes them not fun for cycling.

It will be interesting to see what kind of projects are implemented. I wouldn't be surprised if they are mostly based in Aberystwyth and the other key market towns. Aber needs change, it's a charming place but choked by traffic and inadequate parking (or, looking at it the other way, too many cars in the town centre).

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