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Video: Furious cyclist dresses down Aberdeen police officer who ran red light – but does he just have it in for the police?

Officer admits that he “accidentally went too far forward”

The Scottish Sun reports on a video uploaded to social media in which an Aberdeen man rants at a police officer for going through a red light. Suggesting that he would be in court for it if he’d done the same thing on his bike, the man describes the manoeuvre as “fucking unbelievable.”

The video was uploaded by Kevin Goffin.

"I stopped on my bike. I was not doing anything wrong. It was a joke,” he said. “Took a photo and they went right through the red light.”

As you can hear, Goffin was pretty unimpressed.

“I’ll happily admit, right. I’ve accidentally went too far forward,” says the driver at one point.

Here’s the photo taken by Goffin just before the confrontation.



#police#in#aberdeen thinks it’s ok go through red lights joke min

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Goffin, it transpires, served a six month sentence in 2017 for violent conduct towards a rival football fan. He launched a tirade of homophobic, violent, and intimidating abuse at officers when he was arrested and it rather seems that he may not be an enormous fan of the police force.

His Instagram page features another confrontation with a police officer – this time over parking on double yellow lines at a bus stop.

We cannot of course be sure, but we’d suggest that Goffin’s motivations may lie in an area other than road safety.

Asked if he was pursuing a vendetta against the police, he replied: “I got the jail for arguing with the police, nothing to do with the football. The Glasgow jail is a dump. Sending me to camp is nothing, just banning me from watching my team play.

“And they went through a red light. What if someone was there as the lights were at red? That’s what they said when I was on my bike, taking me to court for that. What a joke.”

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