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Young cyclist dies after deer collision

Fifteen-year old suffered head injuries in fall

A 15-year old boy has died from head injuries he received falling from his bike after he struck a deer.

The accident happened when Ben Madden and group of friends were riding in Elloughton Dale, East Yorkshire on July 26. The animal is said to have bolted across the road in front of Ben, clipping his wheel and bringing him down.

He was transported to Hull Royal Infirmary and spent four days in a coma but died in the early hours of Sunday morning.

Ben, from Brough in East Yorkshire attended South Hunsley school and was a keen footballer, playing for South Cave FC’s under-15 youth team.

His coach there, Des Cable, told the Hull Daily Mail: "As a team we are devastated by what has happened. Ben was a one-off. Since he joined the team he has been a rock.

"He was such a tall lad, about 6ft 2in. Although he was a defender he would weigh in with quite a few goals from corners. He was a larger-than-life character. He got on with everybody and they all loved him."

Ben lived with his father Darren, mother Kate and sister, Evie.

Police are putting together a file of evidence for a future coroner's inquest.

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dlp | 12 years ago

If he was wearing a helmet this is pretty damning for the 'pro' faction.

My own personal choice is to wear a helmet - sometimes - and sometimes not.

However I was definitely under the impression that this kind of incident (ie having a wheel clipped or otherwise being brought down at relatively low speed and with no other collision) was exactly the type of thing a helmet is supposed to protect against.....?

Paul M replied to dlp | 12 years ago

Quite. When riding a mountain bike on steep, rough tracks, I always wear a helmet. When riding my Brompton from Waterloo to the City, I rarely wear one unless it is icy.

DanGot | 12 years ago

A helmet would probably have saved Ben's life or probably Ben

Paul J | 12 years ago

Sun and Dailymail both reporting he wasn't wearing a helmet.

Paul M | 12 years ago

What a tragedy. I have a 15 year old daughter and a 13 year old son and I can't imagine how I would feel if this happened to them. My thoughts are with his parents.

I wonder whether he was wearing a helmet? The fact that the local news report doesn't mention helmets makes me suspect that he was - I am sure they would have mentioned it if he was not.

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