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Oxfordshire gets new Waitrose bike trailer scheme

Shoppers can hire trailers for free

Oxfordshire is the latest county to enjoy a supermarket’s bike trailer hire scheme to cart shopping home.

Earlier this year the Waitrose company decided to encourage shoppers to ride home with their groceries rather than drive. So they invested in specially-designed cycle trailers equipped with a large canvas shopping bag to store shopping for the ride home.

Waitrose’s store in Wallington, Oxfordshire, has now got the trailers, which are loaned free to customers who want to use them.

Store manager Duncan Robertson said: “I’m delighted that we are introducing cycle trailers and hope that we can encourage shoppers to think about using alternative methods of transport and play a positive role in the environment.

“We’re confident the trailers will be well received here as many of our customers are already engaging in our other initiatives, such as our Bag for Life scheme.

“Shoppers using them will probably get their food home quicker than most, not to mention saving fuel and transport costs.”

The store has three cycle trailers, and if the scheme proves popular, more will be introduced.

Customers can reserve a trailer before they start to shop and collect it before leaving the store.

They have up to three days to return it, and there are cycle spaces next to the store.

Waitrose has cycle trailers at 45 branches around the country and the branch at Witney is the only other store in Oxfordshire to have them.

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PJ McNally | 10 years ago

A trailer costs one petrol tank fill-up. Folds flat for storage. The weight limit seems advisory, and has never stopped me moving what I want to move. No reason for a pro-environment regular cyclist not to have one, I think!

I've had mine 3 years now, still going strong - - way cheaper and more sensible than a cargo bike.

Witney's not that far from home - I'm quite tempted to try one of these out. But I'd deprive others of the chance, and since I have my own trailer, that's clearly the most convenient option.

rootes | 12 years ago

the carry freedom accessories prices are bonkers!

Recumbenteer | 14 years ago

In principle the Waitrose trailer loan scheme seems a good idea, but I'd have thought that cyclists serious about the environment would already have a trailer. Plus they'll know there will be a trailer available when they go shopping.

After-all the the cyclist is quids-in. No fuel costs, no parking costs [depends], probably shorter journey time* and it makes you healthier. Could be awkward with steep hills. Trailers also make traffic give one a wide berth.

Trailers vary in traffic, some make filtering awkward or fraught. My large trailer** makes filtering difficult in heavy traffic.

The downside is returning the trailer. Does the store need to be open? But in general, I assume most cyclists could fit-in the return without a special journey, just a detour.

It might persuade some to invest in their own trailer for more general use.

**The excellent Carry Freedom Y-frame Large [There is a small Y-Frame, which I suspect will be much easier in traffic.]

I bought the Y-Frame because of its versatility. Accessories*** are available to enable carrying very long [2.5 metres / 4.5 m], very wide up to 0.85 m. I've already purchased the 0.9 m arm for loads up to 2.5 metres.

*** Accessories

Simon E replied to Recumbenteer | 12 years ago
Recumbenteer wrote:

I'd have thought that cyclists serious about the environment would already have a trailer.

Or serious about getting about by bike - not all regular cyclists are 'green'. Lots of cyclists have panniers.

I've not seen a trailer like this, only Y-frame and BoB type, and would be conscious of its size in traffic. I wouldn't mind giving one a try.

Tony Farrelly | 14 years ago

There's one of these schemes in Bath – ironically whoever's got the trailer always seems to have it parked up outside Sainsburys

Tony Farrelly | 14 years ago

maybe he wants a nice soft ride… keep those eggs from breaking… maybe  39

bicycle bob | 14 years ago
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he could do with some air in his tires

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