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Dutch police chase bike thieves in a tractor

Some men in a boat help to make the arrests too

Police in the Netherlands requisitioned a tractor to catch bike thieves who had escaped on foot into a field, according to Dutch blog 24 Oranges, who have helpfully interpreted the local police report.

Concerned citizens set the Breukelen police on the trail of three men who were seen loading bikes into a van on Thursday, and after a chase, the van stopped on the A2 motorway hard shoulder and the suspects fled on foot.

A quick-thinking policeman borrowed a tractor and gave chase, eventually apprehending the trio from the town of Haarlem with the help of some passing men in a boat (yes, really).

As 24 Oranges puts it: "You read it here first, folks: three men from Harlem arrested in Brooklyn using a tractor."

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