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Say sorry to Greg Lemond on Facebook

Your chance to make amends for doubting the American whistleblower

Did you have your doubts about Greg LeMond's allegations about Lance Armstrong? Ever feel a pang of regret now he's been proved right?

Make amends and clear your conscience immediately using the power of the Internet.

Just log on to Facebook, click here and tell LeMond just how sorry you are for doubting him.

LeMond was the first America Tour winner, and went on to win twice more.

In July 2001, LeMond criticized Lance Armstrong for associating with Michele Ferrari, the now-banned doctor who should have the word 'controversial' added to his name by deed poll.

He said: "When Lance won the prologue to the 1999 Tour I was close to tears, but when I heard he was working with Michele Ferrari I was devastated. In the light of Lance's relationship with Ferrari, I just don't want to comment on this year's Tour. This is not sour grapes. I'm disappointed in Lance, that's all it is."

CONI, the Italian National Olympic Committe, banned him from all involvment with sport as long ago as 2002 and any athlete caught associating with him risks a six month ban, as Filippo Pozzato found to his cost recently.

So now LeMond has been vindicated. One person leaving a message on the site said: "Got to watch Lemond roll into Paris in yellow in '90. The last an only American to Win le Tour. No apology necessary, 'cause I never doubted you."

Another wrote: "I won't apologize. I've believed Greg from day one. I wish I could apologize on behalf of the bajillions of idiots out there who have been force-fed lies and manipulated messages for years and STILL think LA is 'clean.' Let's see if any one of those folks is willing to step up here and genuinely apologize."

But not everyone was there to say sorry. One Facebook user said: "Your all dopers, everyone. LA was just the best doper. LA has single handedly resurrected rode cycling. If it weren't for him we would all be riding mountain bikes. Don't be sour mr Lamond, it takes a doper to know a doper [sic]."

The Facebook page now has 1,126 followers.

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