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BBB launch new Strike 300 and 500 Lumen lights

Brand new Strike and updated HighPower 2.0 lights plus EcoBeam for commuters

The Strike is BBB's brand new light and will come with either 300 or 500 lumen outputs. It's a compact light with an internal rechargeable battery using a USB port to top it up. The Strike 300 uses a 300 Lumen XP-G CREE LED and the Strike 500 a 500 Lumen XM-L CREE LED.

While the lumen output is different, BBB says they have the same Lux value of 28 at a 10 metre distance. The extra lumen output of the 500 creates a wider beam pattern spreading more light further from the centre spot.

Confused? To clear up the lumen/lux thing, the lumen is the rating of the total amount of visible light emitted by an LED, while lux is a measure of the intensity of the light at a single point. So both these lights have the same brightness at a 10m distance, the bigger Strike has a large spill of light onto the road than the Strike 300.

Right, back to BBB's new lights. The Strike uses fives modes to stretch the battery life, the Strike 500 gives a 14-hour burn on the standard beam and the Strike 300 gives eight hours on the same mode. A water-resistant rubber switch cycles through the available modes, which includes low beam, flashing, super beam and high beam. The switch also doubles as a power indicator so you get fair warning of a low battery. The internal lithium ion battery is replaceable.

The TightFix bracket fixes the Strike to standard and oversize bars and allows for easy adjustment of the angle of the light.

The Strike 500 is £99.95 and the Strike 300 is £74.99. They're available now. We have the 500 in on test and we'll have a reviewup on soon.

The HighPower 2.0 (£134.95) is an updated version of last year's HighPower headlight, and it now packs 300 Lux (at 10 metres) from a  XPG-R5 CREE LED. It's very light at just 85g, the external battery pack is good for 12-hours on standard beam, and there are four modes to choose from. The water-resistant rubber switch also acts as a power indicator.

Once mounted the light offers a full 360 degrees of angle adjustment with the silicone StrapMount bracket. The bracket will fit standard and oversize bars as well as the HelmetMount helmet bracket. The run time can be extended with the addition of the optional 145g battery pack. The charge time is just three hours.

Finally, the EcoBeam (£14.99) is a lightweight light that BBB reckon is perfectly suited to commuting. It can be mounted to the bars or atop a helmet with a choice of brackets.

It's available in four colours (black/red, black/white, white/black and white/blue) and the internal battery can be swapped out for  3 AAA batteries if necessary.

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