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Eurobike 2013 recumbents

Supine machines from Hpvelotechnik, ICE and Catrike

Big Dave is usually our man who covers the mysterious world of the recumbent, but he isn't here, he is back in Blighty nursing his knackered back so I am looking at them this year and would like a little help from you in what you would like to see in more detail.

The level of engineering we're seeing here is high. Double wish bone suspension, disc brakes and composite components are common amongst these supine machines.

Hpvelotechnik had an electric assisted version of their Scorpion trike with full suspension and some chunky tyres and looked like it would be a lot of fun on asphalt roads and dirt tracks. I'll get the full specs and hopefully a go in it later.

Ice had a cool display of trikes for different disciplines, abilities and budgets. Their race model weighed only 12kg and had a host of new features and upgrades like the adjustable, detachable, lightweight carbon fibre seat, hydro formed rear end and one-piece handle bars. We will have a video to show you of all the features and technology that has gone in to this buggy and what it is capable of.

Now, I'm not sure what category this falls into but it is one of those things that is proper clever and I really, really want one. It is a long john cargo carrier with low riders capable of hauling a crate of beer on each side and a few more crates on the front pallet. Remove the front pallet and replace it with a seat and you can take you buddy for a tandem ride. Genius! Worthy of a Eurobike award.

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