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Anti-LTN protestors stop traffic in Oxford

More than 100 demonstrators held up traffic saying "we’re not messing about and we’re not going anywhere"...

100 protestors gathered at Oxford's Manzil Way and Cowley Road junction to protest against the city's low traffic neighbourhoods (LTNs) yesterday, halting all traffic. 

One of the protestors, nurse Georgina Gibbs told the Oxford Mail: "Because of the LTNs, it’s slowing people in getting to their appointments. There’s more congestion.

“I’ve never seen traffic like this in Oxford."

The protestors handed out leaflets to passers-by and held up posters and placards against the LTNs.

Oxford's low-traffic neighbourhoods, which are designed to, as the name implies, reduce traffic in the neighbourhoods, have been subject to a number of challenges from vandalism to opposition that has been called a "civil war"

Just earlier this month it was announced that the LTNs are to be made permanent after a vote by Oxford County Council.

The BBC also reported that the Oxford council received a petition with almost 6,000 signatures asking for the traffic-calming scheme to be ended.

Another protestor, Dr Sheikh Ramzy, said yesterday: “We need to be uniting the community. Thousands of people have been signing petitions, but we need to be getting together to unite our society.”

A spokesperson for the county council said they recognise the LTN measures have inflicted challenges to some residents and businesses, but that they remain committed to listening to residents' views on the matter. 

"When deciding to make the Cowley measures permanent, the cabinet was asked to consider a range of information including consultation feedback monitoring data, legal advice, and equality and climate impact assessments.

“In their decision, members recognised the range of views expressed and committed to undertake additional community engagement to further refine the scheme, with any changes to be made by spring 2023."

The spokesperson also highlighted that there is an ongoing consultation on East Oxford's LTNs

> LTN bollard replaced after vandalism disappears less than 24 hours later

> Vandals target LTN bollards and planters less than 24 hours after trial is introduced

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