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"Who said sprinters can't climb?": Cav's coach shares training footage of Manx Missile powering uphill; Are you a 'Rapha Paul'?; A classic of the bad bike lane genre; Transfer rumours; Elinor Barker returns to road racing + more on the live blog

Happy Tuesday! The live blog is back for another day of action with Dan Alexander at the helm
21 September 2021, 15:39
How to hit 136kph on a bike

The other week Adam Blythe shared the proof he'd hit 136kph on a bike at some point in his career. It looks like all you need to get that aero is to slam your stem as far as it will go, and then some more. Editor Jack reckoned that could be why he's finding riding "more painful" post-retirement. It's time to let your pro habits go, Adam...

...lovely paintjob though!

21 September 2021, 14:34
Why painted lines aren't infra...
21 September 2021, 14:11
Rapha-bashing continued...
Rapha comment

Poor Rapha taking a kicking today. First, that comedian's dig at 'Rapha Paul' this. Top comment on Facebook under our story about Rapha partnering with Poc for special edition helmets with SPIN safety technology.

21 September 2021, 13:43
Magnus Bäckstedt commentates on his daughter Zoe Bäckstedt's silver medal performance at the World Championships

 Zoe Bäckstedt won silver in the women's junior time trial at the World Championships this morning. Commentating on the performance was a certain Magnus Bäckstedt - Zoe's dad. In the end, the rider from Wales was beaten by Russian prospect Alena Ivachenko, but hey, how many people can say they've won a silver medal at the World Championships? And, on this performance, there's plenty still to come...

21 September 2021, 13:14
"If I could climb as slow as Cav, I am sure I would have way more KOMs on Strava": Reader reaction to the Cav climbing clip
Cav Facebook comment

Steve K had a nice analogy for Cav's climbing abilities..."It's a bit like in football - your average professional centre back could play as a skilful winger in a Sunday league match." Try telling that to Tottenham fans...

"Or cricket - a test tailender would probably top score for your village team.  Professional sportspeople are better at their sport than the rest of us."

Top marks for mdavidford adding..."Or politics - the worst cabinet member would... oh... never mind."

billy99whizz saw Cav's climbing ability first hand: "If you can finish every stage of the Tour de France within the time cut, you can probably climb! I watched Cav chilling his way up the 20 per cent gradients of the Great Orme in the Tour of Britain earlier in the month. According to Strava that was over a minute quicker than my max effort attempt."

"If I could climb as slow as Cav, I am sure I would have way more KOMs on Strava"...wise words from Pedal those squares.

21 September 2021, 11:59
Aero infra
21 September 2021, 11:26
Egan Bernal linked with move away from Ineos Grenadiers - Israel Start-Up Nation reportedly interested
2020 Vuelta - Egan Bernal (© ASO, Cxcling Creative Agency)

According to a story in L'Equipe this morning, Egan Bernal could be on his way out of Ineos Grenadiers following a disagreement with the team. Last week, Bernal's agent denied rumours his rider is unhappy at Ineos Grenadiers, but now the French outlet suggests Bernal may be willing to run down his current deal and leave the team at the end of 2023.

Manuel Martinez of L'Equipe writes that Israel Start-Up Nation would be one of the favourites to sign the Colombian, with Chris Froome's faltering form likely to nudge team boss Sylvan Adams in the direction of a new star signing. Movistar and Cofidis were two of the other teams mentioned as a possible destination.

21 September 2021, 10:47
Olympic medallist Elinor Barker returns to road racing, signs for Uno-X Pro Cycling

Having won silver at the Olympic Games in the team pursuit, Elinor Barker is back for another crack at road racing. The 27-year-old has signed with Uno-X Pro Cycling where she'll compete on the road for the first time since 2019.

Until that year, the five-time world champion rode for Rochelle Gilmore's Wiggle High5 team, and back in December, Barker delivered a delicious dose of irony by auctioning off her old team kit for the North Australian Aboriginal Justice Agency...a week after her former team boss had been widely criticised for a tweet describing the person who broke into her car as "#Indigenous".

On her new move, Barker said: "Will be spending the next two years developing my road career with Uno-X Pro Cycling Team. I can't thank them enough for this opportunity and for their support so far, looking forward to getting started."

21 September 2021, 10:10
Charity hill climb: Kirkley Cycles first event

Team Kirkley Cycles is hosting a hill climb and caught our eye with this professional promo vid. The event is on the 10th October on a brand new course just south of Edmunbyers in County Durham. All proceeds from the £12 entry fee will be shared between two North East charities: the Great North Air Ambulance and mental health charity Heart Wood.

There are prizes to be won, including a bike fit from CJ Performance Cycles, and every rider will get a free buff courtesy of Northern Lights holiday company The Aurora Zone. If you're in the area and fancy hurting yourself up a hill, you can sign up via Cycling Time Trials...

21 September 2021, 08:51
A classic of the bad bike lane seasider's new favourite Brighton cycle lane

Ah yes here we are again. We've been here a million times before and will have many more shockers to show you in the future I'm sure.

This one from the south coast seems to 'helpfully' link cyclists to what we're assuming is a new bike lane/shared-use path up on that kerb. But then again, we're getting mixed messages from that road sign...and the arrow on the fence. Who knows?

21 September 2021, 08:33
Are you a 'Rapha Paul'?
21 September 2021, 07:31
"Who said sprinters can't climb?": Cav's coach shares training footage of Manx Missile powering uphill

'Why can't you climb?' is probably up there in the top 100 dangerous questions to ask Cav...any reporter dropping that bomb is liable to receive a tongue-lashing. His coach, Vasilis Anastopoulos, has shared this footage of the Manx Missile giving it some up a climb in Greece. What's the problem, Cav? Couldn't find any proper hills in London?

The 36-year-old is down for the World Championship road race on Sunday, as part of an exciting looking GB squad that includes Ethan Hayter and Tom Pidcock. Surely we couldn't see Cav winning a second rainbow jersey, this time on a hilly course? We said we'd stop writing him off after THAT Tour de France performance...

There was a bit of confusion, with some questioning if it was Cav, considering the lack of rainbow bands on his sleeve jersey. We can assure you it is...

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