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"Nobody cycles in winter" — except this lot; Richie Porte's stunning post-retirement bike (complete with X-rated chainstay); James Knox kicked off TDU for drafting team car; Adam Blythe's nocturnal activities; Cavstana Cavaqstan + more on the live blog

It feels like a year since Dan Alexander last did one of these — lucky you! Although saying that you've got him for the next three days so don't get too excited...
18 January 2023, 15:36
"Nobody cycles in winter" — except this lot

"Yeah, they're all out now it's hot and sunny, but what about in January when it's minus three?"

The cycling equivalent of could Lionel Messi do it on a cold rainy night in Stoke? Without going all Bob the Builder on you, yes he could and yes we can...

It's almost like, and hear me out, if you have proper safe cycling infrastructure it opens the door for people to ride bicycles? Radical, I know...

It's got some fearing 'fake news'...

Anyway, we wouldn't be doing our duty without pointing you in our direction for some handy tips if you want to join the winter-riding crew:

> How to beat winter — Tips, tricks and clothing advice for making the most of riding through winter

> Best winter road bikes 2023 — invest in a bike that shines in bad weather

> Best winter road bike tyres 2023 — ride confidently in cold and nasty weather

> Best cycling jackets 2023 — keep yourself warm, comfortable and dry on the bike with a quality top layer 

18 January 2023, 17:01
Disc brakes and an X-rated chainstay... Richie Porte's new post-retirement bike is a beauty

Richie Porte's got a new bike...

Out is the rim-braked Dogma seen in the photo below, which sparked the braindead corner of internet trolls to call the healthy looking retired racer overweight

Richie Porte's 'first ride as a MAMIL' (Richie Porte, Instagram)

And in is this beauty, complete with discs and an X-rated chainstay...


A post shared by Richie (@richie_porte)

I say 'X-rated'... we didn't have a clue a 'map of Tassie' had such a conotation Down Under... if you get what I mean...

Anyway, Rohan Dennis did and urged his compatriot to get his map of Tassie out in the comments, prompting Porte to threaten a joke about Dennis' mother. Just another normal Wednesday afternoon.

Regardless, if like us, you're still a bit confused, some 'research' into the Aussie slang tells us the map of Tassie can refer to a certain haired part of the female anatomy. As I said, just another normal Wednesday afternoon on the live blog. 

live blog meme

On that note I'll see you all same time tomorrow... (and yes, I am available for photo editing commissions)...

18 January 2023, 16:47
Dame Laura Kenny and Sir Jason Kenny expecting second child

 Dame Laura Kenny is pregnant and expecting her second child with husband Sir Jason Kenny. Writing on Instagram, Laura wrote: "Today I felt like I couldn't hide away any more. I'm already starting to show and the anxiety I have felt has been unreal."

The couple had a son, Albie, in 2017 but Kenny suffered a miscarriage in November 2021 and an ectopic pregnancy in January 2022.

> "It's been the hardest few months I've ever had to go through": Laura Kenny reveals miscarriage and ectopic pregnancy

"A year ago today I was sat in A&E knowing I was really poorly but not knowing what was wrong with me," she said.

"When I got the news I was having an ectopic pregnancy my world felt like it crumbled. We had already lost our second baby in November and I remember lying there searching for some sort of answers. I still feel this heartbreak today and I don't think it will ever go away.

"Telling the world means I have to accept we are having another baby and this fills me with all kinds of emotions. I'm scared every single day that I might have to go through the pain of losing another baby. It makes you feel ungrateful for something you've so desperately wanted for the last year.

"But I also know there are going to be so many people, like I was, seeing my post and wishing I would go away with my happy ending. I also know when I was lying in the hospital bed I was searching for people's happy endings because it was the only thing giving me any comfort at the time. That maybe, just maybe, I would get my happy ending."

18 January 2023, 16:44
Tenuous cycling live blog content

Well, they're not wrong... 

18 January 2023, 16:33
Top cycling hacks to save money this winter — cheap alternatives to expensive bike products to keep you riding for less
18 January 2023, 16:04
Questionable face in Ineos' 2023 squad

Corrrr who's that lad down the bottom? He looks fast, even got an engine in him...

Ineos Grenadiers 2023 (Twitter @INEOSGrenadiers)

More questionable sponsorship product placement from the Grenadiers. Then again, I'm not sure we should expect anything less...

Ganna break hour record (credit: Ineos Grenadiers)

Subtle as ever...

18 January 2023, 14:29 Recommends Bikes of the Year 2022/23: gravel and adventure bikes
18 January 2023, 14:26
When pro cyclists do LinkedIn

Congrats, Pete Kennaugh!

18 January 2023, 08:52
British pro James Knox kicked off Tour Down Under for drafting team car on crash-marred opening road stage

Road racing is back! (Yes, we know it's been back for the best part of a week now)... Fire up your GCN+ accounts, if you can be bothered with the early alarms, and enjoy some sunny southern hemisphere racing to make you feel extra chilly on the commute.

Anyway, if you're cursing your luck for not living in Australia, spare a thought for James Knox — the British rider on the team now known as Soudal - QuickStep who travelled all the way to Oz only to crash hard and then get disqualified on the opening road stage for drafting his team car to return to the bunch. 

Now, before we all accuse the race commissaire of heavy-handed jobsworthery we should add there is not yet any footage of the offence.

James Knox crash Tour Down Under (GCN+)

Knox was involved in one of the falls that blighted the day's action, hitting the deck along with Finn Fisher-Black and several other riders at 55km to go. One of the last to get to his feet, the front of the race had long since disappeared down the road by the time the picture above was shown to those sat at home.

While fellow crash victim Hermann Pernsteiner was also deemed to have gained too much advantage from his team car's rear, the powers that be said his offence was less severe, fined him, took away his points in the respective classifications and added two minutes to his finish time. Knox was less 'lucky'.

To make matters worse he's now got a long-haul flight to get through... covered in road rash... 

Once Knox was back in the peloton Pernsteiner's teammate Phil Bauhaus won the stage, outsprinting Michael Matthews and Caleb Ewan in the final surge to the line on the Tanunda circuits.

18 January 2023, 12:42
Cycling's second worst kept secret...

Shocking, I know...

Cav has a leadout man joining him at Astana Qazaqstan in the form of Paris-Nice and Tour of Britain stage winner Cees Bol.

"My main goal for this season is to get back to winning, taking some sprint opportunities and fighting for a win in any kind of races. But of course, with Mark Cavendish now in the team, another big goal for me will be to help him to fight for the success," the big Dutchman explained.

"I feel really good coming to Astana Qazaqstan. Obviously, we are already at the beginning of the new year and for me it is a great surprise that finally it ends in such a good way. I am so happy that I am here in this great team, and I can focus on building up to the new goals together with Astana."

18 January 2023, 12:34
"But what if I want to deliver a donkey? You can't do that on a bike"
18 January 2023, 10:39
Cavstana Cavaqstan

CAV'S BEEN SPOTTED AGAIN... oh wait, sorry, we're not doing that anymore...

"His first training ride with the team"...

18 January 2023, 10:31
The ballsy question one woman wanted to ask male cyclists

Hope your Wednesday's going well...or was going well until you read this...

Reminds me of this classic...

Saddle - erectile dysfunction.jpg

> Tabloid panic over study (apparently) saying cyclists could crush their genitals if they don't get out the saddle 

Although I've got to admit it's a bit of a ballache covering these nuts theories that I'd much rather sack off...(yes, I am proud of myself)...

But yes, some people did reply...

That's my serious journalism done for the day. As you were... 

18 January 2023, 10:00
TOP 5 commuter bikes 2023: The best way to ride to work! | Recommends awards show

You can't have missed that our ' Recommends awards' are underway, we've been shouting about it from the rooftops...

> Recommends Bikes of the Year 2022/23: the best commuting bikes, folding bikes and urban bikes

More coming soon...

18 January 2023, 09:55
Adam Blythe's nocturnal activities

A wise man once told me nothing good ever happens after 3am. I think it was a wise man, my memory's a bit blurry, I think I was trying to get a kebab near closing time...

Anyway, spare a thought for Adam Blythe's body clock... no partying here, just cold hard WorldTour commentary duty...

18 January 2023, 09:13
Dan Martin "wincing" at parked cars in the last 3km of a sprint stage

Some safety concerns from the stage too...

These, spotted just after the Knox crash, show some of the parked vehicles on the final kilometres of the circuit... 

Tour Down Under parked cars (GCN+)
Tour Down Under parked cars (GCN+)
Tour Down Under parked cars (GCN+)

The same stretch of road with 3km to go...  

Tour Down Under parked cars (GCN+)

Like cycling anywhere in the UK...

18 January 2023, 09:09
Stage one highlights

Here's how it happened...

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