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Police deliver perfect mic drop reply to cyclist-bashing comment; Comedy gold Olympic mugshots; Cav wins again; Phil Gaimon calls out ESPN report of NFL coach's 'bicycling accident'; Pog touches down in Tokyo + more on the live blog

It's Wednesday and Dan Alexander will be breaking up the live blog updates by dreaming of boring 18°C and some lovely cloud cover — can you tell he's British?...
21 July 2021, 15:52
Fabio Jakobsen WINS first race since returning from horror crash and life-threatening injuries

What a story! Fabio Jakobsen has won his first race back since returning to the sport from career-threatening injuries suffered a little under a year ago at the Tour of Poland. Jakobsen was placed in a medically-induced coma following the crash and needed multiple surgeries on his facial injuries. The 24-year-old returned to racing in April, but hadn't made the top 20 of any race prior to today's he's got his first win back.

21 July 2021, 15:07
Thread: Could you keep up on a Tour de France stage?

Here's a bit of Wednesday afternoon fun because, let's be honest, we've all sat in front of the TV wondering if we could hang on at the back...

21 July 2021, 13:44
Mark Cavendish prioritising family time and insists contract talks are yet to begin with Deceuninck-Quick-Step
MArk Cavendish after equalling Eddy Merckx's record - picture credit A.S.O./Pauline Ballet

Mark Cavendish is yet to open talks with Decuninck-Quick-Step about extending his contract for 2022. Eurosport reports that Cav was apparently considering retirement had he broken Eddy Merckx's record but is now hopeful of returning next year to reach 35.

Speaking at the Roselare Criterium which Cav won yesterday in team boss Patrick Lefevere's home town, the Manxman said he hadn't started discussions about a new deal. 

"I haven't seen Patrick yet. I just got back from Paris, so I haven't talked about my future within the team yet. I want to enjoy today," Cav said.

"After arriving in Paris, we had a small party. You can't plan or do anything big in these corona times, but everyone on the team was there, so we had a 'bubble party' in which we discussed our Tour de France again. I'm going to make some time for my family now. I missed my wife and children. And I also want to recover a bit after a tough Tour."

21 July 2021, 13:33
Crit cancelled: Japan's traditional post-Tour Saitama Criterium cancelled due to Covid

Here's another video of Cav celebrating his criterium win in Roselare last night. One post-Tour crit that won't be going ahead is the Saitama one in Japan. France 24 reports the event was supposed to be held days before the Tokyo Olympics opening ceremony but has now been cancelled over concerns of rising Covid cases.

"We have reached the conclusion that our priority is ensuring the safety and security of the people of Saitama, athletes and other participants, and fans," organisers said in a statement late on Tuesday.

"Various anti-infection measures are being taken... but the expanding spread of infections in Japan remains unpredictable," the statement said. The race normally attracts crowds of 100,000 fans as well as the winners and stars from the Tour. Last year it was cancelled for the first time since it started in 2013.

21 July 2021, 13:10
Bike hangar applications reach 10,000 in London Borough of Southwark with people facing a four-year wait to secure a space
Lambeth Bikehangar

MyLondon reports interest in bike hangars in Southwark is so high that some people face waits of up to four years to secure a space. The news outlet reports almost 10,000 people are currently on the waiting list. In a further 11 London boroughs, more than a thousand people are waiting. Some councils were quick to address their figures by pointing out how many hangars they plan on building.

Brent Council, for example, has secured funding for 70 bike hangars over the next two years, which will provide 420 new spaces. Croydon Council is also installing hangars for 180 new spaces.

21 July 2021, 12:33
Surrey Police Roads Policing Unit scores again

Right on cue we found this zinger from yesterday... 

21 July 2021, 11:39
Donnie Campbell smashes record for 600km ride from Glasgow to Cape Wrath

Last weekend, Scottish rider Donnie Campbell smashed the record for the 350-mile off-road route from Glasgow to Cape Wrath, completing the course in 33 hours 31 minutes. The 36-year-old from the Isle of Skye set off at 5am on Saturday and survived on pizza and cake delivered by his wife, Rachel.

"It was actually a very enjoyable route but I suffered a lot of pain from the vibration created by the rugged trail. I had a very sore left hand and arm during the ride and my bum really suffered. The terrain was pretty unforgiving at times," he told Deadline News.

"Near the northerly mountain of Ben Hope there was a climb up to a height of about 450 metres. The track was so rutted that I was forced to get off my bike to push. I was really fatigued by this point after riding so far. Then I had to descend on a steep and rugged track and go along a boggy loch shore. I was walking more than cycling.

"The ride lost its sense of fun then and I just wanted to get to the end. It was a relief when I did. However, I’m pleased I’ve finally done it because it has been my goal for summer 2021 and I am really happy with the time."

21 July 2021, 10:33
The best of police educating motorists online

This morning's blog lead has inspired us to take a look in the archives for some similar stories. Surrey Police Road Policing Unit seems to be the gold standard. Last month the force's Twitter account slid into the DMs of one angry tweeter who called cyclists who ride in the middle of the road (probably primary position) "a dickhead". Charming.

Then in 2017, there was the time the account's admin told someone they were "too childish to drive". And to complete the hat-trick, in November, when faced with the usual whataboutery, Surrey Police released a chart explaining exactly why road safety enforcement focuses on car drivers. Can Mr admin please have a word with the Richmond Park officer from Friday?

21 July 2021, 10:04
Pog arrives in Tokyo looking like he's never been stressed in his life

Pog has touched down in Tokyo for this Saturday's road race. A reminder of how unfurrowed young Tadej looked on arrival, compare that to Woodsy and G yesterday. No wonder he's so good, the man's never missed a wink in his life...

And some more mugshots because they're too entertaining not to share...

Vincenzo hasn't updated his Facebook profile picture since 2015...

21 July 2021, 09:33
Phil Gaimon calls out ESPN for reporting NFL coach being hit by a motorist as 'bicycling accident'

 Phil Gaimon has called out ESPN's reporting of the news that New York Jets assistant coach Greg Knapp is battling life-threatening injuries after being hit by a motorist while cycling in California. ESPN reporter Rich Cimini wrote Knapp had suffered injuries in a "bicycling accident" before going on to say "Knapp, 58, was struck by a single motorist".

On Twitter, former pro and full-time Strava segment sniper Gaimon shared the story with the message: "Hi ESPN. It's not a 'bicycling accident' when he was hit by a car."

Knapp was hit on Saturday at a busy intersection just before 14:50 local time, according to the San Ramon Police department. ESPN reports that based on preliminary investigations, drugs or alcohol were not a factor and the driver is said to be "cooperating with police".

21 July 2021, 09:27
Mark Cavendish wins again: Sprints to victory in green jersey at traditional post-Tour crit

These post-Tour crits are almost always described as 'lucrative'. They're less about the competition than the spectacle of the stars of the Tour giving the crowds a show. Having said that, after getting pipped four times, it looks like Alpecin-Fenix were well up for this one in Roselare last night...

How many times did he who shall not be named win in Roselare? 

21 July 2021, 09:06
"This is more than just a win for me": Dylan Groenewegen reacts to first win in 17 months

Dylan Groenewegen won a bike race for the first time in 17 months yesterday, his first since returning to the sport following a nine-month suspension for his role in Fabio Jakobsen's horror crash at the Tour of Poland last August.  

"This is more than just a win for me," Groenewegen said. "I went through a very difficult period in which cycling came second. A lot has happened. Of course with the accident, but also in my private life. We have continued to work hard and it is very nice to finally win again. The team has been fully supporting me all the time and I am very grateful to them for that. That has helped me a lot. It is a big relief that I finally won again."

21 July 2021, 08:50
More mardy mugshots from Tokyo ( and some funnies)...What a 12-hour flight does to you

Tom Pidcock is the latest victim of the Olympic Games photographer...Meanwhile, Leigh Howard is the bad guy pain-loving P.E. teacher straight out a teen comedy...

If you look very closely you can see the exact moment Michael Foley remembered he'd left the oven on...

We're all Daniel Dhers fans now and there's nothing you can do about it. Legend.

21 July 2021, 07:52
Police deliver perfect mic drop reply to cyclist-bashing comment

Northumbria Police is rightly quite pleased with its efforts to jail dangerous driver Kyle Walsh who was caught thanks to a cyclist's camera and sentenced to six months. Sharing the news on Facebook, the force warned motorists they "will take action" if they are seen driving recklessly or endangering other road users in cyclists' footage.

As per, this was prime territory for anti-cyclist bingo and whataboutery wailing...Thankfully Northumbria Police was prepared...

David Chow must have been confident he'd served an ace: "Can drivers submit footage to prosecute cyclist's [sic] that think they own the roads. Oh we can't because, they have no reg to identify them." A weak start there, David. Just the old 'cyclists break the rules and need reg plates'...Not even a 'road tax' rambling...Disappointing.

You might want to sit down for Northumbria Police's reply..."Hi David, can you tell us how many drivers were killed in a collision with a cyclist in the last five years? We'll answer for you, it was zero. Irresponsible cycling puts the cyclist at risk, not the driver. It doesn't make it okay, but we focus on our resource in the areas that are most likely to cause serious injury or death. It's the person behind the wheel, not the one behind the handle bars, that can cause the greater harm."

Game. Set. Match? No, David's having another go...

David replied: "I don't have the answer but I can say not all drivers are dangerous.
Seems nowadays we all get demonised from the minority of dangerous ones."

Admitting you don't have the answer isn't a great start, David. Here's the finisher from Northumbria..."That's nonsense David. Where in the post have we demonised drivers? We've highlighted an example of how a cyclist's head-cam has helped us take a dangerous driver off the road. If he had been allowed to continue driving in that way there's a good chance someone could have been killed. We simply [want] both drivers and cyclists to consider sending footage of similar incidents to continue to take people like this off the roads. That's ultimately the aim of this."

Now that's game, set, match...

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