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Flippin' clip-in nightmare: Bike fitter's disbelief at client's upside down AND backwards cleats; Fixed-gear epic Festive one England-crossing ride; 'But cyclists' Christmas special; 2022 in cycling; Mechanical mishap poll + more on the live blog

We're back! It's that time of the festive period when nobody knows what day it is... (apparently it's a Wednesday!?)...and Dan Alexander is here, fuelled by Quality Street overconsumption, for your first Christmas week live blog...
28 December 2022, 20:36
How to burn someone without producing any emissions

As Greta Thunberg appears in our new celebrities who cycle listicle, we thought it was only right to finish today's live blog with this brutal exchange, being touted as a late front-runner for tweet of the year. 

We admit that we needed to google who the recipient of Thunberg's lethal reply was; and while we're still not entirely sure, cyclists and all other sensible road users alike can unite in thanking Andrew Tate for keeping his other 32 gaz-guzzling vehicles off the roads, as numerous people pointed out in the replies... 

28 December 2022, 08:59
Flippin' clip-in nightmare: Bike fitter's disbelief at client's upside down AND backwards cleats

"Yeah not sure what's going on, having a few problems with my pedals......."

"Hmmmm, yep, that's not meant to go like that............"

Scherrit went on to point out obviously it's fine to use MTB cleats on road shoes, just so long as you use the pontoon adaptors... oh, and fit them the right way up and around...

Twitter was helpful as ever...

Or maybe this guy was the rider?

Andrew Hellinga's backward riding style (Pic: EW Australia's Facebook)

> Two backwards cycling world records broken by Aussie

Anyway, we love a cleat mishap here on the live blog. Remember this?

Cleat disaster (Image credit: @trench_tales/Instagram)

 > Can it be real? Mechanic shares double cleat horror set-up

28 December 2022, 17:04
Giant postpones payments to suppliers due to falling demand, rising inventory levels, and market "headwinds"
28 December 2022, 15:56
How to overcome World Cup heartbreak? Ride 658 kilometres at the Cape Epic

Spanish newspaper Marca reports national team boss Luis Enrique is to fill the void left by World Cup disappointment by tackling the Cape Epic, a seven-stage 658km off-road event with 15,775m of climbing.

The former Barcelona manager visited the MMR factory this Christmas alongside ahead of riding the brand's full suspension Kenta SL model, also used by the MMR Factory Racing Team, at the South African event.

28 December 2022, 15:10
Alberto Contador has 100 benign tumours removed
28 December 2022, 13:31
The year in review...
28 December 2022, 13:25
Greater Manchester Police removed Uber Eats cyclist from busy motorway on Christmas Eve
M602 cyclist (GMP)

An Uber Eats delivery cyclist was "safely removed" from the M602 in Salford on Christmas Eve, Greater Manchester Police's traffic unit has revealed. The force joked on Twitter that the takeaway might "be a little cold but at least it will get there in one piece now".

Uber Eats commented on the incident: "The safety of our customers, couriers and the general public is a top priority for Uber Eats. We expect couriers to adhere to all applicable laws and regulations, including the Highway Code and we have measures in place to help ensure couriers use appropriate vehicles."

28 December 2022, 12:55
From Highway Code changes to Active Travel England – the big cycling campaigning stories of 2022
1 millionth Oxford Road cycle journey - Chris Boardman (credit - Chris Foster).jpg

As a turbulent year in politics nears its end, Simon has taken a look back at some of the highlights for active travel, as well as Grant Shapps going spectacularly off-brief...

> From Highway Code changes to Active Travel England – the big cycling campaigning stories of 2022

28 December 2022, 10:46
'But cyclists' Christmas special

It's those pesky red light-jumping cyclists at it again...

28 December 2022, 09:52
Fixed-gear Festive 500... in one England-crossing epic ride




With checkpoints such as Partridge Lane & Pear Tree Close in Bedford, Turtledove Close in Coventry, Goose Green in Leighton Buzzard, Pipers Close in St Albans and Drummer Street in Cambridge, Joseph Kendrick made this fixed-gear Festive 500-completing spin as 12 Days of Christmasy as possible...

"I have no words for this right now. Will do a debrief soon. I need to dry off, warm up and get myself on the next train to London!" he told his Strava followers after finishing the epic more than 31 hours after he rolled out on Boxing Day.

> Aussie cyclist knocks off Rapha Festive 500 in one go – by riding 1,369 laps of a velodrome 

28 December 2022, 09:24
Best heart rate monitors 2022 | 6 of the best
28 December 2022, 09:18
Battle of the cleats (POLL)

There can only be one winner... one ultimate cleat mishap — get voting for your favourite (maybe favourite's the wrong word)...

Poll Creator

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