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"Supporting LTNs is not controversial": Criticism for BBC over Jeremy Vine impartiality ruling; "You can't just paint lines and think you have bike lanes"; CyclingMikey helps stop suspected drug dealer; Why is my bike creaking? + more on the live blog

Happy Wednesday! Dan Alexander will be taking you through the middle of the week on the live blog whilst trying not to mention how Fulham are the greatest football team in existence... ah, already failed...
31 August 2022, 16:25
Kaden Groves wins stage 11 of the Vuelta a España

Two Brits in the top ten, Dan McLay in sixth, Fred Wright eighth, but the day went to Australia and Team BikeExchange-Jayco. Having lost Simon Yates to a Covid positive this morning, that's just about as incredibly as the team could have responded...

31 August 2022, 15:53
Peloton poses

To be fair, it's been that sort of day at La Vuelta. The three-man break never got more than a couple minutes lead and everyone seems content getting from A to B expending as little energy as possible...

With that said there's 5km to go and finally things are hotting up, we'll bring you the sprint result shortly... 

31 August 2022, 15:51
"Sorry pal, will be 15 minutes or so, just got to cargo bike my cement mixer across town"
31 August 2022, 14:51
Julian Alaphilippe's terrible 2022 continues — crashes out of La Vuelta

As if things couldn't get much worse for the world champion...

A quick recap: the two-time world champ crashed at Strade Bianche, missed San Remo with illness, suffered serious injuries in that shocking crash at Liège–Bastogne–Liège, missed the Tour de France, got Covid, and now leaves the Vuelta clutching his collarbone...

With 25 days until the next wearer of the rainbow bands is decided, could Julian's defence already be over? 

31 August 2022, 13:59
"Supporting LTNs is not controversial": Criticism for BBC over Jeremy Vine impartiality ruling

Here's what you've been saying about today's big news that the BBC concluded Radio 2 presenter, and vocal proponent of all things cycling, Jeremy Vine had breached the broadcaster's impartiality rules by publicly supporting LTNs.

One reader, IanMK, wrote: "Jeremy Vine is basically supporting government policy (Gear Change) and local democracy (decisions made by elected representatives). Are BBC employees not allowed to do this? 

LTN planters

"I'm a republican but I don't complain to the BBC every time one of their employees says something supportive of the monarchy (or even accepts a gong from the Queen). Perhaps I should."

Another added: "In other news, Gary Lineker accused of breaking impartiality rules for suggesting that sewage in the sea is not a good thing."

brooksby said it was "ludicrous" that the BBC claimed Vine should not have taken a public side in the debate as LTNs are the "kind of topic to which considerations of due impartiality applied for the BBC".

Gus T suggested the rule was simple: "Pro cyclist comments — not impartial. Anti-cycling articles & programmes — impartial. So much for a balanced view on cycling by the BBC."

ANPR protected LTN in LB Ealing

On Facebook, Chris Lowe commented under our story: "The BBC's policy on the neutrality of its staff needs a serious looking at. This nonsense of 'there are two sides to everything' results in cranks and extremists being given a platform when there are no reasonable voices on certain sides of a debate.

"A lot of the anti-LTN rhetoric has been repeatedly debunked — but it is allowed to be repeated on the BBC again and again because they have to give both sides."

Last March, a BBC report into LTNs was branded "shameful" by a councillor amid accusations it "perpetuated falsehoods" by a Labour peer who is a patron of the All Party Parliamentary Group on Cycling and Walking. Lord Berkeley said the report had "embarked on its own journey to stir up a manufactured culture war".

BBC LTN report

During the report, the BBC failed to address the claims of MP Rupa Huq who said the schemes were "more contentious than air strikes on Syria" and stopped women getting to their homes safely, although a month later the broadcaster did correct Nick Robinson's comment that "you cannot use your car" in an LTN.

> BBC corrects Nick Robinson’s comment that "you cannot use your car" in a low traffic neighbourhood

"We agree that LTNs do not prevent cars from being used," the BBC said in response to complaints.

31 August 2022, 13:15
CyclingMikey helps stop suspected drug dealer

One to put in your diaries for if/when any court proceedings are concluded and we can share the footage, but quite the adventure for CyclingMikey yesterday...

31 August 2022, 12:11
Shimano and Campag fails

Take a trip down memory lane for some of Shimano and Campag's less successful offerings...

31 August 2022, 10:16
Another one bites the dust: Pavel Sivakov out of the Vuelta after Covid positive

That's two of the top-ten out of the race already this morning...

God help anyone within a two-mile radius of Patrick Lefevere if Remco's next... 

31 August 2022, 08:54
"You can't just paint lines on roads and think you have bike lanes — those are just death traps": Emotional plea from husband of diplomat killed in collision

This was the emotional plea for safer cycling infrastructure from the husband of a US diplomat who was killed last week while riding her bike in Maryland. Sarah Joan Langenkamp was involved in a collision with a flat bed truck being driven in the same direction as the cyclist. It is believed the collision happened when the driver turned off the road and into a car park.

Speaking on WUSA9, Dan Langenkamp called painted bike lanes, sometimes dubbed 'murderstrips' here in the UK, "death traps" and called for safer infrastructure...

"It's unbelievable to me that we have to brave streets with bike lanes that are dangerous and get mowed down by trucks in modern America," he said.

"It's just wrong. I'm just livid about the situation with bicycle safety here after seeing what happened. You cannot just paint lines on roads and think that you have bike lanes, and then brag about it on your city website saying 'we have 500 miles of bike lanes'. No, those bike lanes are just death traps if you don't provide protection for them, driver training, laws and law enforcement that actually says people are going to be punished if they hit bikers."

Sarah Joan Langenkamp was a diplomat at the U.S. Embassy in Kyiv, Ukraine, where her husband also worked. A March news report told the story of how the couple's children were forced to evacuate to Poland following the Russian invasion, while they stayed on in their diplomatic roles.

31 August 2022, 09:40
"I used to think my bottom bracket creaked, now I realise it is my knees"

Great wisdom from the little onion in the comments...

Live blog 31/8/2021

SimoninSpalding has an alternative diagnosis: "You missed the most obvious — it is your top-end Japanese chainset that is soon going to fall apart."

No idea what you're talking about, Simon...

> Shimano denies design problem with Hollowtech cranks despite reports of cracked arms

Hmmm, not sure how that got there...

Continuing the bottom bracket topic, majikstone commented: "I recently reinstalled my threaded bottom bracket on my titanium frame, and as I was in a hurry, I forgot to tighten it up properly. Next day I go out for a ride, and after some 30 km, it starts creaking like crazy as it came slightly undone on the NDS.

"I only had to ride with that horrendous creaking sound for maybe another hour before getting home and fixing the issue, but it was enough to give me a glimpse of what the average ride on a Press-Fit BB bike feels like. Have I had one, I would honestly end up throwing it in a ravine or give it away to the person I hate the most."

OldRidgeback replied: "The external BB on my BMX cruiser has been creaking for a while. It's annoying me now. As the race season is nearly over, I'll change it out shortly. There's no play in it and it isn't stiff, so I'll do one more race with it before it's changed. Irritating it is."

31 August 2022, 09:28
Simon Yates out of Vuelta with Covid

Simon Yates is the latest victim of a Vuelta-ending Covid positive...

Yates was fifth on GC after a solid TT yesterday but will not start today's 191km stage to Cabo de Gata. He joins the then-leader in the points classification Sam Bennett, Ethan Hayter, Jake Stewart, Edoardo Affini, Sepp Kuss, Wout Poels and numerous others in leaving the race following a positive.

Of the 182 who rolled down the start ramp for the team time trial in Utrecht, just 155 remain...

31 August 2022, 08:40
Vuelta rider's bonsai nightmare

As someone who recently got, and promptly killed, a plant by going away for four days during the 35 degrees week, I'm sending my deepest sympathy and condolences to the Mullens...

31 August 2022, 07:51
The dreaded bottom bracket creak
2021 Ribble Endurance AL e Shimano 105 - bottom bracket.jpg

It's a scene worthy of a psychological horror film: you're spinning along happily through the sun-bathed lanes when, at first, you're not even sure if you heard it right...*creak*...not very loud at first, 'it'll go away' you doesn't...soon, rhythmically with each pedal stroke the piercing pain shoots through your bike and body (and anyone and everyone riding near you at the time)...

> Bottom brackets - get the insider info on your bike's beefiest bearing

It's like when you get a cold after a long time without one and can't believe you ever took for granted not having a sore throat...

Step one: enter purgatory...

Is the sound coming from my bars, cleats, or further back in the bike? You're sure to have an undisclosed period of riding where your brain plays tricks on you and will send the mystery creak all over your machine...

Step two: follow the leads.

Just because it sounds like your bottom bracket is creaking, doesn't mean it is...

Tick off all the easy ones first before you opt for more invasive surgery...chainring bolts, quick release skewers, cleat bolts, seatpost clamp...

Step three: accept defeat.

Alternatively, bypass step three...

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