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"Not since Rocky has someone looked so good running up steps": Superman Pidcock sends cycling world into meltdown; Rafa Nadal goes cycling...moments after winning 5hr epic Aussie Open final; Tenuous cycling content ft. Sid James + more on the live blog

Happy Monday and welcome back to the live blog...Dan Alexander is here to kick things off as we fly into the new week like a Supermanesque world champion crossing the finish line
31 January 2022, 17:27
Leaving work like...
31 January 2022, 16:54
"He's like the human swiss army knife of excellence in cycling disciplines": Reader reaction to Pidcock's world champs-winning performance

Over on Facebook, Adam Simmonite described Pidcock as "the human swiss army knife of excellence in cycling disciplines", which I enjoyed...

In reply to our (possibly rhetorical) question 'is there anything Pidcock can't do?', Rod Leach cracked the joke..."run 5km in under 15 minutes"...very good. Although would we be THAT surprised if he could?

Sheridan Ramskill reckons the win was the culmination of "Yorkshire councils' shoddy road repair schemes now paying off with Tom & Lizzie winning on rough ground".

On the blog, shutuplegz (Jens, is that you?) commented: "Amazing result by Tom Pidcock. I had to chuckle at the shots of him 'flying' across the finish line ..... in the context of his comments last week on the dangers of modern TT bike positions! Clearly there is no position this guy cannot hold!"

eburtthebike added: "Fantastic result, congratulations Tom. You have to wonder just what he is capable of and what else this inspiring young man is going to win."

Well hasn't this been a positive day on the live blog...

31 January 2022, 15:47
The champion of the world...Thomas Pidcock MBE

No many of you dared try the Superman celebration on your way to work this morning? 

31 January 2022, 15:35
"You’re risking your life when you cycle in the capital": Retired pro Nicolas Roche shocked by danger of riding in Dublin since returning to Irish capital for Dancing With The Stars
Roche Dancing with the Stars (via Twitter)

You'd have thought dancing on national television would be the most daunting thing going on in Nicolas Roche's life at the minute. But maybe travelling to the RTE dance show on two wheels via Dublin's roads is worse?

The 37-year-old has spent the last seventeen years of his life riding a bike for a living, racing some of the fastest, most technical descents in the world, and riding thousands of miles in a fast-moving peloton.

But Roche says even he has been surprised by cycling around his nation's capital since returning from Monaco for the show.

"It’s very difficult. It needs improvement," Roche told the Irish Mirror. "You’re risking your life when you cycle in the capital. I’ve been cycling in and out. We take all the Covid tests for the show in the city centre, and I’d rather cycle in than take the car.

"The roads are very narrow in Dublin, and some of them are very dangerous. It’s very hard to overtake someone and when you do, you’re risking your life."

It's not all bad though...

"To give a bit of encouragement, I think the bike lanes in Ireland have improved immensely over the past couple of years," he added.

31 January 2022, 15:08
Weekend round-up: Cyclocross (without the mud); "The day cyclists took over the roads": How the internet reacted to Highway Code change day; Fundraiser for Irish champion hit by speeding motorist reaches £18,000
Marianne Vos - 2022 World Cyclo-Cross Championships (screenshot via GCN)

Later than usual (because I forgot) but here's your one-stop shop for what happened this weekend...

31 January 2022, 14:43
The cyclist who makes us want to be a better runner

No, we're not talking about Chris Froome... 

via Gfycat

31 January 2022, 14:14
Tenuous cycling content...ft. Jeremy Vine, Sid James and Alan Sugar

Unsurprisingly I have zero experience of pitching game shows to TV channels, but I reckon it's quite uncontroversial to say the premise of contestants guessing if a picture is of Sid James or Lord Sugar might be a hard sell...mainly because, well, they don't look anything like each other...maybe Dave would take it? 

It seems our pedalling friend Jeremy Vine has been stitched up by someone behind the scenes at Channel 5 here. You can almost see the 'just keep going and hope nobody notices' thought during the clip...

There are of course tenuous cycling links to make this suitable for the live blog...

Vine, an outspoken London cyclist who often shares clips of poor driving, bizarre encounters, cracking infrastructure and fellow celebrity friends on bicycles with his 147,000 Twitter followers.

James too, here riding a Raleigh Chopper...

sid james on raleigh chopper - wiki commons.PNG

Far more stylish than this snap of Lord Sugar with his custom Union Jack painted Pinarello Dogma. Apologies for those who were trying to forget about it...

Alan Sugar custom Pinarello  (Lord Sugar/Twitter)

 There you go, told you it was tenuous...

31 January 2022, 12:41
Cue the memes (just don't tell the Belgians)...

Another world championship, following on from the road race worlds, where the superior Belgian team has been undone by the quality of one individual. I wonder how long until Evenepoel gets blamed for this one? At least it makes good memes...

31 January 2022, 12:31
New secure cycle park opens in Bankside SE1

Localised news for anyone who works in the Bankside area of London...

There's a new secure cycle park opening today which sounds pretty promising from the details available online. It will offer 24/7 contact-free access with a digital entry system, lockers and showers.

Oh, and from what we can tell, it appears to be free...

Based at Arch 58 Ewer Street, SE1 0NR – a secure arch along the Low Line in Bankside, next to the Crossfit Central London Gym, users gain access by an app having signed up on Better Bankside's website.

Full details here...

31 January 2022, 12:22
Thieves steal tools from Doncaster bike repair station...just hours after it was unveiled

The Doncaster Free Press reports tools were stolen from a new bicycle repair station in the town, just hours after it was unveiled on Friday. The offender used bolt cutters to take the screwdrivers from the station in Sandall Park, but park bosses have promised the thieves "won't win".

Friends of Sandall Park chairman Sandra Crabtree, who runs the volunteer group which looks after the park said: "For those that like to say 'I told you so' you'll be pleased to know that all the tools have been bolt cropped off the tool station.

"This won't stop us from replacing the stolen tools – which as a matter of interest can be bought from the pound shop. It's a bit of a nuisance in that we've got to get on to the supplier to get the replacements but that is what we will do. The thieves will get fed up before we do.

"And how many £1 screwdrivers does a thief need? We will win in the end."

31 January 2022, 11:54
Rafael Nadal goes for a spin...after winning five-hour epic Australian Open final

After five hours 24 minutes, Rafa Nadal finally completed an improbable comeback to win yesterday's Australian Open men's singles final and become the first male tennis player to have won 21 major titles...

The tennis world was shocked to see footage of the Spaniard spinning away on an exercise bike having lifted the trophy and returned to his changing room. Now, I think we all know he was just loosely spinning the legs, not doing a HIIT session, but hey, at least it got people talking about cycling...

So, how long has it been (in a way us cycling fans will understand) since Nadal last won the opening Grand Slam of the year?

Enric Mas and Mikel Landa...your time has come...

31 January 2022, 10:57
Islabikes are now back in stock

In the lead-up to Christmas we reported on the limited availability of children’s bikes with leading brands such as Islabikes already largely out of stock at the beginning of December, with bikes only available on pre-order for delivery by 31st January 2022. 

"Supply chain disruption impacted Islabikes in a big way for the second half of 2021, causing much of their children’s bike range to be out of stock for months," Islabikes notes.

"There was a time when a two-week shipping delay felt like a disaster, now, only a two-month delay is a relief. I hope such delays are behind us, as we are seeing early signs of the bicycle supply chain recovering from COVID induced shutdowns."

Now Islabikes has most of its kids bikes back in stock, with delivery time currently at seven working days. 

31 January 2022, 10:50
When the 17.26 pulls into the next platform...

Pretty quick for a man lugging a bike in cleats... 

31 January 2022, 10:44
Faster aero spokes added to rim brake versions of Swiss Side’s Hadron 2 Ultimate wheels
Hadron2 Ultimate rim brake wheels with Swiss Side spokes

Swiss Side has updated the Hadron2 Ultimate rim brake wheels with DT Swiss Aerolite II spokes now being specced, which are claimed to reduce aero drag by 1W compared to the previous models. 

New 2022 graphics also appear across the entire range and more colour decal pack options have been added to give greater scope for customisiation. Free packs are currently being given away with wheel orders until March at

Swiss Side spokes

What’d you think of the new looks available? 

31 January 2022, 10:17
New products from Ryder

Cycling accessories brand Ryder has brought out some interesting products that have been designed and manufactured in South Africa, and are now available in the UK.

Ryder Luberetta

The new Luberetta chain applicator (£4.99) features a patented silicone dispenser that puts a drop on each link for limiting mess or wastage. Sounds handy!

Ryder bottle cage

The Kinetic Cage (£7.99) is an adjustable cage that allows you to run accessories within your front triangle or fit larger bottles in smaller frames. It’s been designed to allow for positioning 6cm higher or 4cm lower. It’s curved shape should minimise bottle scratching and the right side entry has been included for easy release. 

31 January 2022, 09:35
Oh, and he can do interviews in Dutch...
31 January 2022, 08:28
"Not since Rocky has someone looked so good running up steps": Superman Pidcock sends cycling world into meltdown

It's Tom Pidcock's world, we're all just living in it...

The prodigiously talented multi-disciplinarian last night added a cyclocross world championship to his mountain bike Olympic gold and growing list of road race wins. The 22-year-old soloed to victory, making the steep steps look effortless, widening the gap on a pack of chasing Belgians before crossing the line in full Superman pose atop his Pinarello...

> Tom Pidcock’s world championship-winning Pinarello Crossista 2022 Cyclocross Race Bike

And boy were we all impressed...

That was unless you're a regular cycle/rail commuter, for whom the site of someone sprinting up steps with a bike over the shoulder probably brought back flashbacks to all those platform-crossing commutes... editor Jack still sees Bristol Temple Meads' stairs when he closes his eyes...

Dan Lloyd won the comedy prize for the evening...

Maybe Tom was telling the truth after all...

> Jury's out over Tom Pidcock's near British record 5km time 

Others shared anecdotes of having their legs ripped off by the new world champ back when he was young(er)... 

Presumably to stop him winning, ruining the race for everyone else...

Dan joined in 2020, and spent most of his first year (hopefully) keeping you entertained on the live blog. At the start of 2022 he took on the role of news editor. Before joining, Dan wrote about various sports, including football and boxing for the Daily Express, and covered the weird and wonderful world of non-league football for The Non-League Paper. Part of the generation inspired by the 2012 Olympics, Dan has been 'enjoying' life on two wheels ever since and spends his weekends making bonk-induced trips to the petrol stations of the south of England.

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Hirsute | 1 year ago
1 like

Bikes made it onto Radio 4's The Unbelievable Truth

about 10 mins in

In the following round, death certificates made a cameo which should appeal to a small number of folk here !

Kapelmuur | 1 year ago

There has been discussion of the Highway Code changes on my football club message board.   Surprisingly  better natured and more balanced than I expected.

And no mention of cycling bingo favourites helmets and hi vis.   One or two still clinging to road tax though.

shutuplegz | 1 year ago

Amazing result by Tom Pidcock. I had to chuckle at the shots of him 'flying' across the finish line ..... in the context of his comments last week on the dangers of modern TT bike positions! Clearly there is no position this guy cannot hold!

eburtthebike | 1 year ago

"And how many £1 screwdrivers does a thief need? We will win in the end."

Call me paranoid, but it seems unlikely that someone would bother taking a bolt cropper to steal such low value items, and the motive is therefore something else, and given the current massive anti-cycling furore, I wouldn't be surprised if it was just hatred of cyclists.  If you're willing to illegally modify your car just to smoke cyclists, you're capable of pretty much anything.

eburtthebike | 1 year ago

Fantastic result, congratulations Tom.  You have to wonder just what he is capable of and what else this inspiring young man is going to win.

Be nice if the msm actually noticed it though.

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