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Noel Gallagher says the only downside of cycling is "the f***ing helmet"

High Flying Birds frontman rides four times a week

Noel Gallagher goes out cycling four times a week. The rock star says he mostly rides off road near his home in Petersfield in Hampshire and that the only downside is “the fucking helmet.”

Speaking on Matt Morgan's Funny How? podcast, he said: "A few years ago I was going to the gym every day and was always knackered."

Explaining the change in tack, he said: "I go out on the bike four days a week. I'm 53 now so it's not good to work out a lot, you're ticking over.

"I can do two days in a row and have the third day off. I go uphill off-roading. I'm going 25k in an hour-and-a-half, it's on country roads, there's nobody on them.

"The only downside of the bike is the fucking helmet but what are you gonna do?"


On another episode of the podcast, he said he didn’t like the look of himself in a cycling helmet: “I look like a… I don’t know what I look like. So I wear a motorbike helmet.”

Gallagher is of course not a driver, having famously never passed his test.

He bought a £110,000 1967 Jaguar in the 1990s, planning to pass his test before the car was delivered but abandoned his lessons after going out just once.

“Sometimes I do think I quite fancy it,” he said. “And then other times I just think it’d be a ball ache getting anywhere because now I’ve got to fucking drive.”

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