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Closed! £1000 NamedSport competition is now closed and we list the winners

The NamedSport competition is now closed and we name the winners. Have you been lucky? check out the list below.

This competition is now closed and we can announce the winners!

Congratulations to Louise Thornton for winning the £500 prize.

Congratulations to the following ten lucky people who have won a NamedSport gym bag stuffed with goodies with £50:

Carlos Duque
Christopher Magson
Mike Palmer
Andrew Fozard
Martin Thornton
Steve Douglas
Nicholas Welch
Elaine Saberi
Edmund Smith
John Ogden

Sigma Sports will be in contact with you shortly to arrange your prizes.

Thank everybody for entering and better luck next time!


Sigma Sports have teamed up with Italian nutrition experts NamedSport for this week's amazing competition. We've got £1000 worth of energy supplements to give away to readers, and one lucky so-and-so will bag the first-place prize worth £500... there are also TEN further runner-up prizes, with each winner getting a hamper of NamedSport gels and bars worth £50! 


If you've not heard of NamedSport, you've clearly not been watching the Grand Tours for the last few years! It's virtually impossible to miss the large orange inflatable water bottles and huge orange banners with NamedSport written all over them.

NamedSport, whose name comes from NAtural MEDicine, have been producing health food supplements for over 20 years, focussed on making sure their athletes can perform at the highest level. Just as well really, as they are sponsoring four Grand Tour teams, all with top contenders for a winner's jersey or two.


Let’s take a look at some of the products that you can choose from if you're lucky enough to win the top prize - don't forget you can choose whatever you like from the Sigma Sports website, meaning you can choose 324 energy bars if you love them, or perhaps 390 Sports Gel Caffeine shots if that's your thing! It really is up to you... 

HydraFit> & HYDRA2PRO 2020

Hydrafit Energy Drink - £7 

Hydrafit is a hypotonic powdered drink mix with mineral salts, carbohydrates and nine vitamins, that helps support energy needs during exercise. It's also extremely useful at rebalancing fluid-electrolyte losses during intense physical activity.

Sport Gel Pure Energy - £18.75 (box of 15)

NamedSport's Sports Gel offers multi-stage energy delivery. It's orange-flavoured and created from five different simple and complex carbohydrates, with different absorption rates to provide continuous and gradual energy. 


Sport Gel Caffeine - £18.75 (box of 15)

This caffeine-infused gel is enriched with caffeine in cola and lime flavour. It's created from multiple carbohydrates with different absorption rates to provide continuous and gradual energy, plus caffeine to boost performance when you're starting to flag.

NamedSport Isonam Energy drink

Isonam Energy - £12

An orange-flavoured Isotonic drink with maltodextrin, minerals, vitamins, creatine, and ginseng for energy and hydration, providing a reliable and lasting source of energy.

Energy Bar - £18 (box of 12)

An apricot-flavoured puffed rice energy bar which delivers fast and sustained energy release for endurance sport.

*Many of these products are available in different flavours and versions from those pictured above so please check out the full list here on Sigma Sports site.


If you miss out on the top prize, luckily there are still 10 more chances of winning a £50 NamedSport gym bag stuffed full of gels and bars! 

Our very own Mat Brett has written a useful guide to 6 of the best NamedSport  products in this article, where explains more about how nutrition works and why you might need it.

So, what are you waiting for? A sign-up to a top team and a super light bike? Enter the competition below, get out on your bike now and you never know, you might at least be able to fuel up like a pro... best of luck to all! 

N.B. Sorry folks, this one is for UK readers only.

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