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Video: Should you ride wider tyres?

Here are 5 indisputable(ish) reasons why you should ditch the 23s

We take a look at 5 indisputable(ish) reasons why you should.

I will confess, like a truly tech-sceptical roadie, it took me a while to try out wider tyres. Thankfully, part of my job is testing cycling kit and this gave me the chance to try a range of wider tyres. It’s safe to say that I’m now converted.

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My race bike runs 26mm tyres while for general riding I love the comfort provided by the lower pressures of 30mm rubber. But that's just me.

What are you all using? What setup has been working for you and what would you suggest avoiding when it comes to choosing tyres? Is your choice influenced by the quality of roads in your area, or limiting factors like space in your frame?

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