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VDO X2 DW 16-function computer



Not fancy, but super-reliable computer that's ideal for swapping between bikes

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There's plenty of choice if you want a computer and you've got 50 notes to throw at it. Throw it in the direction of VDO's X2 wireless and you'll not be disappointed. It doesn't do anything amazing, but it covers all the functions you're likely to want and is one of the most reliable wireless units I've tried, the signal is about as robust as they come

Fitting is a four-ziptie affair: two for the mount and two for the sensor. The magnet clips on easily, and checking the sensor is picking up a signal is made a lot easier by the tiny LED in the VDO logo which flashes when the magnet spins past. The sensor is very tolerant of a bit of a gap – much more so than many wireless units – and kicks out enough of a signal that it's no problem to mount it on the rear wheel, so it's a good option for turbo training.

The menu system on the VDO takes a bit of getting used to as it's a multi-level affair. For example, to reset the trip counter you need to go through settings>reset>tour data and hit confirm - a bit more work than just holding down a reset button, but the menus are all pretty logical and soon it's second nature. Pairing the sensor is just a case of waking up the head unit and spinning the wheel, and the VDO never once failed to pair. It'll run a cadence sensor too (not supplied) and it flashes a zero for a few minutes as it hunts for a cadence signal, a touch annoying but hardly the end of the world. The head unit will pair with two wheel sensors and will distinguish between them and automatically adjust wheel settings and trip data, which is handy.

The screen is clear and easy to read. There's a big speed readout with comparison arrows to average speed which I found a little vague, though it's easy to display your actual average in the multifunction section below the current speed. There's a cadence readout too, and a clock. Other functions include max speed, a navigator which can be set to count up or down, ride time, stopwatch, odometer and an interface in seven languages.

It's all pretty standard stuff but well realised. The thing that the VDO scores highly for, though, is the robustness of the wireless signal. I found it unflappable, even when deliberately positioning the sensor way down on the chainstay and riding in the foulest conditions imaginable I never once managed to stop it communicating. LED lights, power lines, other computers and HRMs didn't affect it either. It behaved impeccably throughout the test, and that's something that I've rarely said of a wireless computer: I'd normally opt for a wired unit given the choice, but I'd have no qualms about recommending the X2.


It ain't fancy but it is über-reliable, well made and easy to use, so it's a good show for the VDO. Especially worth a look if you want a computer that'll work on the turbo, or one that'll swap easily between two bikes. As far as wireless reliability goes, it's as good as they come. test report

Make and model: VDO X2 DW 16-function computer

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