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Don't tell Wilier but… Dutch shop sells Wilier cross bikes with Vivax hidden motor

Looks a bit of a bargain too

Italian bicycle manufacturer Wilier has been thrust into the headlines this week but for all the wrong reasons: it was a Wilier Carbon Cross Bike that was at the centre of the mechanical doping scandal that unfolded at the 2016 Cyclocross World Championships at the weekend.

Mechanical doping: Wilier “shocked” and will take legal action against Femke Van Den Driessche  


Wilier has been keen to distance itself from the events, and yesterday issued a statement saying that it was “shocked” and is seeking legal action against Femke Van Den Driessche and anyone responsible for “this very serious matter”.

- Mechanical doping: All you need to know about concealed motors

Of course, Wilier don’t sell a cyclocross bike with a hidden motor. But a Dutch bike shop will sell you one. Cycling Math Salden is selling a Wilier Carbon Cross Disc bike with a Vivax Assist motor pre-installed for €4,990. It's ready to ride, just charge the battery and off you go.

The bike can be customised to your requirements and budget, with a range of groupsets, wheels and finishing kit available. The shop offers worldwide shipping.

“This bike will be equiped with invisible Vivax pedalling system which gives you 150 watt extra,” says the bike shop on its website. 

The bike will be assembled with the hidden motor, which is concealed in the seat tube and drives the cranks, at the bike shop and sold as a complete bike. The price includes a bike fit and free service after 500km. 


If a cyclocross bike isn't your thing, how about this Wilier Izoard with a Vivax Assist motor pre-installed? It costs €4,390 with a Shimano 105 groupset and Deda equipment,but you can upspec it if you want.

Woud you buy one?

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