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Polar launches new A370 fitness tracker to monitor your activity and sleep patterns

Improve your sleep and recovery with Polar's new A370 fitness track and companion app

Fitness trackers have become popular over the years and the latest is the new A370 from Polar, a company that once pioneered heart rate monitor watches in the cycle market many years ago. 

The new A370 is a compact water-resistant tracker designed to be worn around the clock to not only measure your activity, but also track your recovery time and monitor sleep patterns.

It features an integrated heart rate monitor that automatically measures your pulse during periods of rest at a minimum of five-minute intervals, but recognises levels of activity and switches to measuring heart rate at a higher resolution. 


All this heart rate data during periods of rest and exercise can be analysed on the Polar Flow App, where access to Polar’s Smart Coaching features can provide feedback and guidance to help you reach your goals faster. 

A big appeal of fitness trackers is that because they are constantly monitoring your body, they can be used to track your sleep patterns. Polar has developed Sleep Plus, an intelligent sleep system that uses a 3D accelerometer to detect the quantity and quality of sleep.

It’s aimed at helping you to get the right balance between activity and rest, and by providing feedback the A370 can help you improve your sleep patterns to maximise your recovery after exercise.


“With Polar Sleep Plus and Polar Flow, your data is analysed to provide guidance that helps you better understand your sleep habits and the impact they have on your fitness, health and quality of life. Polar Sleep Plus is easy to use, easy to understand and motivates you to simply do better. Polar A370’s continuous HR monitoring, coupled with Polar Sleep Plus insights, provides a 24/7 approach to fitness with actionable steps, whether you’re running, lifting weights, or home relaxing.”  says Marco Suvilaakso, Chief Strategy Officer at Polar Global.

Other features include the ability to connect the A370 to a compatible smartphone to track distance and route using the GPS on the phone. The A370 can even be used as a heart rate sensor with other compatible Bluetooth devices or smartphone fitness apps. 

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The new Polar A370 is available in June and costs £169.50. Interchangeable wristbands come in black, white, ruby red, petrol, deep blue, and orange for £21.50.  More at

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