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Cycling App of the Week: Bikefit Foot Calculator

This handy new app shows you ideal pedal to foot connection angle and then recommends a solution to optimise your foot fit

What is it? 

The Foot Calculator app was released by BikeFit just last week, and takes you through a process to show you what your ideal pedal to foot connection angle is. It then recommends a solution to optimise your cleat position on the pedals.

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Most people have slight tilts to the inside or the outside of their feet, whereas almost all shoes and pedals force your feet to be flat, which can lead to bad pedal engagement, pain or injury. BikeFit say that a huge number of cyclists have an incorrect connection with their pedals, and this app aims to put that right.   
To go through the process, users will need to enlist the help of a friend to take pictures of the back of your feet so the app can make its mind up. Kneel on the back of a chair with your lower legs at 90°, and get your friend to take a photo of the back of your heels. The app then comes up with your recommendations at the end. This may include a suggestion to buy additional cleat wedges, that you put under your cleats at the angles suggested in order to correct your foot tilt. 


What makes it unique?

It's probably the only app that gives this much detail on foot position for free, allowing you to get your cleat set-up right at home for considerably less cost. Some prior knowledge of bike fitting is recommended, and BikeFit offer online courses if you really want to become an expert at all aspects of fitting. 





How can it help me?

As mentioned above, getting some advice on optimum cleat position and correcting this could make a significant difference to the comfort and efficiency of your riding. In the best case scenario, cleat wedges can enable your cycling shoe to connect with the pedal naturally, by acknowledging the foot’s inherent angle, creating a neutral foot position throughout the pedaling cycle and giving increased power. Just make sure you line up your leg and foot properly when the photos are been taken or this could affect the results, and this is possibly one of the most useful free fitting apps out there.


Where can I get it?

BikeFit Foot Calculator is only available on Android  at the moment, although you can buy the BikeFit Pro Fitters app with a more comprehensive range of features for $19.99 on iOS (cue iPhone vs Android debate). Obviously if you decide to go down to the route of getting cleat wedges should the fitting recommend you need some, then these can be bought separately. Bikefit's UK distributor i-ride sell them at £24.99 for a pack of 8, for Shimano or Look systems. 

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