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The Nicnacpac is a “portable pocket” for cycling essentials, and it’s on Kickstarter now

Yorkshire made essentials case seeks Kickstarter funding

How do you carry ride essentials, things like multitool, pump, tyre lever, house keys etc, on a bike ride? There are numerous solutions available from saddle packs to bottle kegs, but not happy at with any of these for various reasons, a Yorkshire-based duo Tim and Rob have come up with the Nicnacpac.

It’s a handmade bag into which you can stuff all your ride essentials and is secure, weatherproof, lightweight and washable. It’s essentially a spin on the freezer bag that many cyclists rely upon to keep essentials contained in one place and protected from the elements, but more durable and, in their own words (and it’s hard to disagree) more stylish.

cycle pack.jpg

The Nicnacpac is designed to fit into a cycle jersey pocket. It’s made from a lightweight and hard-wearing fabric with a secure draw cord lock with an integrated safety whistle, useful for those rides into the beyond. There’s also an emergency medical information label.

Multiple iterations led to the final design, with a prototype being tested for a year before it was deemed ready to release to the world. To make it a reality, they’re looking for £3,000 of funding on Kickstarter and there are 20 days running on the campaign still. An early bird discount will get you a Nicnacpac for £5, the RRP will be £7.50 should the funding be successful.

You don’t need us to point out the fact there are already similar products on the market, but where the Cycle Pack impresses is with its low price. For comparison a Lezyne Caddy Sack is £9.99, the Rapha Essentials Case is £45, the VeloPac RidePac is £32 and the Sticky-Pods is £17. Of course, all are more expensive than a box of freezer bags, but not everyone wants to use a freezer bag on a regular basis, it’s fine to want something designed for the task.

“We like to think of it as a portable pocket for cyclists to carry their ride essentials. We all know what we should be carrying with us every ride but how many of us do? Carrying awkward items like split-links, zip-ties and tyre-levers is made much easier with the Nicnacpac, its lightweight, weather-resistant, washable and around the same price as an inner tube!

Lots cyclists now have many different bikes at home, carrying everything in this pack allows you to easily transfer it no matter what or where you are riding, on-road or off. Cycling safety matters a huge amount to us, that’s why we incorporated some key safety features. An emergency information label which is clearly visible on the reverse and a discreet cord-lock whistle. Both of which you hope you will never need!”

Check out the Nicnacpac at Kickstarter if you like the sound of it.

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