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Video: dhb's new Aeron LAB all-winter jacket

Interesting tech on dhb's new top-end winter softshell that's designed for UK winter conditions

If you think of dhb you're quite likely to be imagining good quality, inexpensive kit: we've tested plenty of it over the years and generally found it to be good value stuff. At £180, though, the Aeron LAB All-Winter jacket is pretty top-end. 

So is dhb going all up-market? Well, in a sense: its volume sales are always going to be lower down the range but the Aeron LAB summer range launched in 2018 was unapologetically aimed at the racers among us, with high-tech fabrics and construction and uncompromising fit. The All-Winter jacket is one of the stand-out garments from the first Aeron LAB autumn and winter range and continues in the same vein.

The Aeron LAB autumn/winter range leans heavily on materials from fabric giant Polartec, and the All-Winter jacket is constructed from three of their top-end textiles, including Polartec Alpha, which was designed originally for the US military and is gaining ground in cycling kit as an insulating layer with excellent breathability. We've seen it on some of Rapha and PeDALED's kit too.

Anyway, for your £180 you'd expect there to be plenty going on, and there is. We chatted to Nick Underhill from dhb about the All-Winter jacket, and we've got a sample for review too, so look out for that on the site soon. While it's still cold.

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