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Canyon approves bikes for turbo trainer use incl. Aeroad, Ultimate, Endurace, Grail, Inflite, Speedmax, and Exceed

It's now safe to use your Canyon in a turbo trainer says the German company

With turbo trainers being dusted down and dragged into use across the UK as we descend into winter, Canyon has provided a list of bikes it approves for use on turbo trainers. These include the Aeroad, Ultimate, Endurace, Grail, Inflite, Speedmax, and Exceed models.

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We previously asked the question “is it okay to use a bike on a turbo trainer” to a selection of bike manufacturers and the response that came back was mixed at best. It’s a common question amongst cyclists concerned that the frame (especially carbon fibre) will be susceptible to damage from being clamp in a static trainer.

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Canyon’s previous line was that using bikes in a turbo trainer was not covered under their standard warranty. Given how popular indoor training has become with the likes of Zwift, and Canyon being a Zwift Academy partner and founder of the Canyon ZCC eRacing team, this was at odds with how its bikes were being promoted, hence the change of tune.

To ensure the approved models are safe for turbo trainer usage, Canyon states “the trainer must clamp on to the bike's rear axle, and required accessories supplied by the trainer's manufacturer (such as special axles) must be used.”

Canyon has also updated its testing process to “precisely simulate the stresses that using a turbo trainer puts on a bike’s frame,” explains Michael Kaiser, Canyon’s Head of R&D.



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hobbeldehoy | 4 years ago

Or buy a cheap secondhand bike. I use a Carrera Vanquish on my trainer.

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