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Canyon has dropped the price of Aeroad bikes by £450... but they are 'currently unavailable'

Canyon’s Aeroad CF SL 8 Disc, for example, was £4,149 and is now £3,699, leading to speculation over why the prices have changed

German bike manufacturer Canyon has now dropped the prices of some models in the Aeroad range, so much so that they are now £100 cheaper than October 2020, before coronavirus complications and Brexit hiked up the prices. Great news that the prices have dropped, but that’s no good if you can’t actually get one… all reduced models are currently marked as ‘coming soon’ in Autumn 2021, which should be now, right? You’ll have to click ‘notify me’ for a chance to buy…

2021 Canyon Aeroad CF SL 8 Disc coming soon.JPG

Several major bike brands including Specialized, Giant and Canyon started to increase prices on their 2021 bikes back in November 2020 due to difficulties and increased costs within supply chains down to the coronavirus. Then additional import costs came into effect at the end of the Brexit transition period, which Canyon partially covered for customers, but not fully, so there was another price increase in January.

2021 Canyon Aeroad CF SL 7 Disc

Given that the majority of factories involved with the manufacturing of frames and components are based outside of the UK and EU, a sizeable proportion of bikes coming into the UK that are ordered from the EU are subject to a new 14% tariff, including Canyon’s range. 

Taking the Canyon Aeroad CF SL 8 Disc as an example, the price rose from £3,799 to £3,949 in November 2020, and in Jan of this year it had jumped again for UK buyers up to £4,149. That represented an increase of 9.21% over the starting figure, and 5.06% more than the price it was in November.

Neither of these price increases nor the overall price increase was as much as the new 14% tariff they were subjected to, it seemed as though Canyon decided to absorb some of the additional costs to keep prices down for UK customers.

Now things have taken a positive turn though. Canyon has dropped the price of the CF SL 8 Disc model to £3,699, which is £450 cheaper than the most recent price hike and also £100 than the price before all these price changes started in November 2020.

The CF SL 7 Disc model is also 100 quid cheaper than the pre-Nov 2020 price, now standing at £3,299, and the same is the case for the CFR Disc Frame and Brake Kit, which is now £4,399.

While prices of Aeroad models are wallet-friendlier, the prices have risen in the Ultimate range. 

2021 Canyon Ultimate CFR Disc Aero.JPG

The Ultimate CFR Disc Di2 began at £7,149 pre-Nov 2020, before jumping to £7,899, and that has continued to rise to £8,249 - which is kind of fair given it’ll be specced with new Shimano Dura-Ace Di2 groupset.

However the CFR Disc EPS has had a price increase of £200, and now stands at £8,699.

Why has Canyon dropped the prices of the Aeroad?

Canyon says:

"We’re constantly evaluating price points independently in every market to ensure we are always offering best value across all of our products, also with the goal of combining said value with industry leading customer service.

"As part of our on-going strive to over deliver, we’re delighted to extend lower price points on numerous models as we continue to streamline processes around manufacturing and shipping while also taking full advantage of our direct to consumer business model." 

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matthewn5 | 2 years ago

Oldest trick in the book - lower the price of things that are out of stock to attract attention. In my experience many of the big online retailers do it.

quiff | 2 years ago

Their "on-going strive to over deliver" must be why they're out of stock.

mdavidford | 2 years ago

Canyon wrote:

"As part of our on-going strive..."

Don't do that.

Carior | 2 years ago

One of the reasons I wonder if prices are coming down is that Jan Frodeno put out a "new bike day" post on Insta with a pick of his new Aeroad which definitely looks like it has a different rear wheel cutaway (it looks much more like the Tarmac SL7) so I wonder if there is a new frame incoming.

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