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Will this mount make Apple's AirTag popular with cyclists? Kapz launches 3D-printed mount to hide security device under your saddle

The new 3D-printed under-the-seat-mount for round rails allows you to add a layer of security to your bike at a relatively affordable price point

The AirTag is marketed by Apple as a solution for tracking down lost belongings using the ‘Find My’ app... but as is evident from this thread on the forum, cyclists who would otherwise be in the market for one have struggled to find somewhere to mount it. Custom bike accessory brand Kapz reckons it's solved the problem, unveiling a 3D-printed mount for discreetly securing your AirTag underneath the saddle.

2021 Kapz Under Seat Mount 4

First off, why should you consider mounting Apple’s AirTag to your bike? It’s not an anti-theft device, but it can be used for locating your bike after you’ve noticed it’s been stolen. Put the AirTag into 'Lost Mode', and then when it’s detected by another device in the Apple network, you’ll automatically get a notification and see it on a map. You’re counting on there being users in the area for an up-to-date location, though.

2021 Kapz Under Seat Mount 1

The AirTag water and dust resistant (IP67) so you should have no issues with road spray flicking up onto it.

You’ll need to have iOS 14.5 or later to use the AirTag. Battery life should be about a year and your iPhone will notify you when it’s time to replace with a new one.

You can find out more about the tech deets of the Apple AirTag over here.

One handy feature is that you can assign the AirTag to a specific item on the app for easy identifying and tracking.

However some aspects of the AirTag, such as its ‘anti-stalking’ feature, aren’t ideal if your bike has been stolen. There’s an alarm on the AirTag that is sounded if it has been apart from your device for three days. Basically, this is going to alert the thief that they’re being tracked…

2021 Kapz Under Seat Mount 2

The new Under Seat Mount for quick and easy installation for round seat rails is now available from Kapz, with an oval rail version on the way soon according to the Somerset-based brand. The price is £19.95 for the underseat mount only if you already own an AirTag, or £44.90 for the mount and AirTag together. The total cost of this system is significantly cheaper than many anti-theft GPS trackers specifically for bikes, and so could be an enticing and affordable alternative.

Nextscape’s Alterlock is an alarm and GPS tracking device that’s hidden underneath a bottle cage for example, and it’ll set you back £114.99. Vodafone’s Curve Bike light and GPS tracker is priced a little cheaper at £79, but you need to pay a connectivity subscription of £3 per month for a minimum of 24 months, or £4 per month for a minimum of 12 months.

Estimated shipping of the new Kapz mount is from the end of September.

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Sriracha | 2 years ago
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But I thought the "anti-stalking" features meant that, so long as the perp has an iPhone, they will receive a warning that an AirTag that isn't theirs on the bike that isn't theirs is following them. So not much use.

LastBoyScout | 2 years ago
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Save yourself the cost and just glue it under the saddle!

d_c_h_w | 2 years ago
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Bit of a stretch to say "they" have solved the problem when there are already several similar designs on the various free 3d printing sites.

Maybe they are first to monetize the problem, although charging £20 for 10p worth of plastic, 10p worth of bolts, and about 30 minutes to design in Fusion360 seems a bit much.

I think someone somewhere suggested having 2 airtags on your bike, one (sacrificially) in a more obvious place than the other, so the thief finds that one and then thinks they're safe to plunder away.

srchar replied to d_c_h_w | 2 years ago

Do I see a market for a dummy AirTag that costs a lot less than the real thing...?

hawkinspeter replied to srchar | 2 years ago
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srchar wrote:

Do I see a market for a dummy AirTag that costs a lot less than the real thing...?

Just wait for the next version to be released and pick up a cheap old one from EBay.

srchar | 2 years ago

Inside the frame would be a better place than under the saddle, and it's free.

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