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Lumos adds another indicator helmet range with new Ultra that features a lighter design and lower price

The Kickstarter is still running and has raised over £1m so far.

After the successful launch of the first Lumos helmet that featured integrated front and rear lights, Lumos has created the Ultra edition with a lighter design and a lower price. The standard Ultra can be backed from £63 with an Ultra Mips costing £87 to back.

Lumos has raised over £1m on Kickstarter, smashing the £47,805 goal for an updated helmet that again comes with indicators along with front and rear lights. The helmet, Lumos claims, will help you "stay alive" by allowing you to "signal your intentions" to surrounding motorists.

While the Kickstarter keeps the claims of increased visibility from the "bright" lights, Lumos doesn't say exactly how bright that front light is, so users may still need an additional front light to see by when riding after sunset.

The launch of Lumos’ first helmet was rather successful, gaining placement in Apple Stores thanks to the integration of the helmet with the Apple Watch. This allowed Apple Watch users to control the turn indicators on the rear of the helmet using hand gestures.

Lumos Remote

The new Ultra has the same ability to link up to the Apple Watch, though the helmet can still be used with the included bar-mounted button controller. An optional visor can be attached to the new design, helping to keep sun and rain out of your eyes.

Lumos Helmet beats Tesla Model 3 to scoop design award

Lumos has also added Mips technology to the more expensive version of the Ultra. Mips claims that its technology helps to protect against rotational motion transferred in a crash to the brain.

All you need to know about Mips

Lumos is also calling this their “most vented helmet yet.” They say that they’ve “created 3 enormous exhausts in the rear to ensure hot air gets pushed out helping to keep the rider cool whether on a commute or on a training session.”

The helmet is also said to be lighter, reducing the weight from 490g down to a claimed 370g. The helmet comes in three sizes, Small (51- 55cm), Medium to Large (54- 61cm), and Extra Large (61- 65cm) with each getting a dial closure system for smaller size adjustments.

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fenix | 3 years ago
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"Users may need another light after "sunset"

Well yes. Helmet lights aren't legal. They're too high up and not mounted on the bike.

I'd rather have a cheap pair of LEDs on the bike that easily mark you out as a cyclist than a helmet light bobbing around.

mdavidford replied to fenix | 3 years ago

fenix wrote:

Helmet lights aren't legal.

Presumably you mean they don't meet the legal requirement? In and of themselves they're perfectly legal.

Hirsute replied to fenix | 3 years ago
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They don't have to be on the bike, just no more than 1500 mm above ground.

wknight | 3 years ago

I was following a cyclist in the dark and one minute there was a red light visible at the rear and the next second it had gone. I thought he had a faulty rear light until I realised that his rear light was on his helmet and every time he put his head down the light disappeared. This was a dark road and he was all in black so it was critical to see the light I did try to explain to him that it wasnt a good place to have the light but he wasn't interested. 

eburtthebike | 3 years ago

Now that non-essential shops are open, I can assume that non-essential items like cycle helmets will be selling like, well, any product that doesn't make any difference but with  a whole industry promoting it.

A mere £63 buys you a product that doesn't work and can't be taken back when it fails; bargain.  Pure capitalism expressed in a single product.  Negligible production costs, zero risk, massive profits, no advertising costs as a tame media promotes them for you, and all the negative consequences exported somewhere else.

Could we please stop focussing on things that don't work, have been proven not to work, and concentrate on the things that do?

fukawitribe replied to eburtthebike | 3 years ago

"Ivan Petrovich ! One of your dogs has escaped again !"

Welsh boy replied to eburtthebike | 3 years ago

I love it how people get so worked up about something that they don't want or are not made to buy or use. Chill out, if you see an article on a free website about a product that you don't want, don't bother reading it.

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