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Sauce for Strava releases £2 per month performance analysis tools

The browser extension gives you more tools to easily track fitness and peak performances

Strava is great for logging rides and chasing segments, but it isn’t the best tool for performance analysis or tracking your fitness over time. But Sauce for Strava, a free browser extension, has now added a paid version with in-depth performance tracking charts which should make it easier to see trends in your fitness.

The main update to Sauce for Strava is the performance tracking and analysis features that we’ll get to in a moment, but there is one tool that is available in the free version that could be really handy for KOM hunters.

Sauce for Strava Performance Predictor

The Performance Predictor allows you to analyse a segment and get a predicted time based on the data that you input. You can change data such as the average power that you might achieve, your body weight, your CdA if you know it along with other metrics, allowing you to know what power you’ll have to hit to pinch your mate’s favourite KOM.

The Performance Predictor also gives you a cool little breakdown of what your power has to overcome on each segment. As you can see from the example above, a hill climb effort, the greatest force acting upon the rider is gravity, with 79% of power going towards propelling the rider uphill and just 16% going towards aero drag.

Sauce for Strava Paid 1

Moving to the paid features and the main chart shows Critical Training Load (CTL/Fitness), Actual Training Load (ATL/Fatigue) and Training Stress Balance (TSB/Form) which are the main performance metrics that you’ll find on Training Peaks. These metrics are commonly used to deliver an athlete to a specific event in the best shape possible and the Sauce graph can be set to show data from an adjustable date range, allowing you to track your progress over a training block.

Sauce for Strava Paid 2

There is also a range of functionality provided by the peak performances charts where you can analyse your power and heart rate personal bests over a customisable time period. 

To access the extra tools, you’ll need to be a Sauce for Strava supporter on Patreon. The lowest price to pay is £2 per month (plus VAT), though you can chip in more if you’re feeling generous. The low cost is certainly appealing, given the fact that Strava’s and Training Peaks’ premium services are much more expensive.

Sauce for Strava can be used on Google Chrome, Firefox, Edge and Safari.

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jacknorell | 2 years ago

I've been using and it's great

stomec | 2 years ago

Hmm... the performance predictor looks interesting but I am so far off bagging most of the KOMs nearby that it won't be of any use to me.

I will stick with the free elevate for strava for fitness/fatigue/form for now.

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