A few years ago, around Tour time a French fella got in touch with me to see whether the website I was then editing would be interested in running some animations and an online cycling game* that he had put together… I was, "we" weren't. The animations starred a cycling hero called Yellowjacket and centred on his perpetual struggle with is deadly rival Blackjacket… they were/are great.

Very French. 

Definitely worth a look, and a quick bit of searching on Youtube reveals a whole stack of them. My favourites are Mayo Jaune (featured here), the Chinese Episode, and Yellowjacket No 3, oh and Lantern Rouge is a corker too, but there's loads of them so have a hunt around and your bound to find one that particularly appeals. There more info on Yellowjacket on yellowjacket.tv, and below are a couple of episodes to be getting on with.

 *Fiendishly difficult affair in which you have to move Yellojacket around a beach cycling course by rolling a marble… which entaild clicking your mouse and pointing the cursor in the right direction. Oh, and the course isn't flat.

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Chuffy [202 posts] 9 years ago

Ah yes. This is why we have webcronyms like OMG, WTF! and LOL.  13

Blackjacket *is* Lance, right?

James Warrener [1086 posts] 9 years ago

That website has improved no end since I last checked in!!!

It was always a poor second to Secrets of the Peloton for me.