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Community website launches

"After months of tweaking and sorting and talking, the official launch of Yaxley Riders is here.

We are a small group of riders south of Peterborough who want to get together, regardless of which club we are members of, and ride.

Yaxley Riders is an informal riding group that needs no membership or subs and exists to get people on their bikes and used to riding with others before trying to pass them on to one of the established British Cycling registered local clubs.

Naturally we would love anyone interested to buy a jersey and spread the word. Who knows what might grow out of it?

But for now we are just interested in having fun and encouraging each other to get out and do some miles. "


It feels nice to have launched the Yaxley Riders and their website. The kit is on order and we are hoping to have an organised ride going out from the village tomorrow. If we can get people locally interested in the sport then we will have achieved our aim. If we are still small in number and riding around having fun then that's fine too...

I think there is a gap in the market for people who dont want to go the whole hog and join a team straight away but want to get some of the basics of cycling under their belt whilst deciding if a cycling club is for them. In time we will see if we cater for them and pass them on in due course.

A mad idea?

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stevevfr | 14 years ago

 4 Mad? I don't think so, it's a brilliant idea.

As a member of Yaxley Riders I know that there are loads of us around Yaxley who train on our own or in pairs, wouldn't it be great if we came together for rides & the occasional social event.

All we need to do now is encourage others to join us...

With posts also going out on Facebook and Twitter hopefully people will soon be finding us.

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