The power of advertising, eh? Don't know if you've noticed but you can't move for Google ads advertising the Wattbike on road.cc. Anyway, we bowed to the pressure and asked them for one. One duly arrived, now it's sitting in the back room (scuse the mess). I've done a couple of longer sessions on it and it's mostly good news, lots of numbers and a good feel. The climb knob's a bit fiddly though. Look out for a full review when I've had more time on it...

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DaSy [872 posts] 10 years ago

That is an expensive piece of kit, but seems to lack a lot of the motivational aspects of VR type trainers. A kind of souped up Spin bike really.

I'll be interested to see what you think of it, as I have spent so much time on the turbo this winter rather than out in the slippery real world, I'm starting to think that cycling on the road is the simulation of turbo training!

dave atkinson [6528 posts] 10 years ago

for the price of a wattbike you can have a fortius and a dedicated computer. and a bike  1

depends whet you're looking for - the Wattbike does have some really interesting tools for measuring your stroke and stuff, i can see how track riders would take to it: if it's a numbers game (which track effectively is) then the Wattbike has more numbers than anything else i've seen...