To start with I was a little bit disappointed that we wouldn't be seeing Bradley Wiggins tearing it up on local roads. But his ride so far in the Vuelta has allowed me to forgive him for not turning out!

Geraint Thomas was on the start sheet but having studied his Twitter page it was clear he was stuck in some airport somewhere and his plans changed.

I rode out early on Sunday to do some pre-Wiggle Steeeplechase miles and see a little bit of the course. It was windy and cold but as I came up the road from Barnwell to Thurning the site of the race arrows and marshalls was enough to get the pulse racing.

I rode back into Luddington against the race seeing some pretty impressive perfomances from riders battling against the wind and spluttering rain.

My strategy was to get home and showered before driving back to watch the pros.

This plan looked even better in operation as it was hammering it down with rain at that point in the afternoon!

The Sky riders were on Great Gidding High Street, warming up on turbo trainers beneath a temporary gazebo that had been erected for them. A little different from the changing in the backs of cars and warming up in whatever weather is thrown at us we are all used to!!

It was amazing to see the speed of the riders over the roads I have used all my adult life. I couldn't imagine travelling up some of those little climbs in the saddle and in the big ring!

It was a great afternoon with a warm and appreciative crowd urging on all riders. Let's hope the event can come back this way again before too long.


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Old Cranky [261 posts] 8 years ago

I also cycled over to watch the time trials and thankfully the wife brought the kids in the car later in the day so I managed to avoid cycling home in the downpour.

Chapeau to the juniors who rode in the worst conditions possible. I think in future the organisers should consider having more portable toilets closer to the start.

The Team Sky crew were superb and happy to have a chat, especially Steve Cummings.