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My Sunday with the ROGUES!!!

So after the MAMIL come the ROGUES (Random Old Guys Using Excess Speed).

My Sunday morning ride had started like so many others trundling along Yaxley Broadway to the lights as a sort of warm up. I love riding the single speed in the winter. The workout feels so much more pure and brutal than on a geared bike and some of the short sharp climbs around our locality suddenly become relevant. They don’t when you have numerous cogs to get you out of trouble.

I then took my life into my hands and headed out down the A15 to get over the A1M at Normans Cross.

It was along this stretch I became aware of the presence of other riders around me.

Two guys came past saying “morning” but I clocked them both notice the lack of a block on my rear wheel.

The pace raised from 17mph to 21mph in an instant. I got out of the saddle and starting turning the pedals that little bit faster. It was comfortable and I was keen to settle in and work with them for a bit.

Until we got to a descent and after another glance over the shoulders to confirm I wasn’t able to click and change, they both went from one end of the big ring spectrum to the other and shot away from me.

My legs were going round like an egg beater and I wanted to trade heavy steel frame and a 70 inch gear for my best bike and the scope to chase them. How could they try and drop me !!!!

It was a pretty humbling experience to be honest… watching them do through and off into the distance and despite closing the gap a little on a 2% false flat I spent the rest of my ride alone.

I remember the days when winter training was about miles and consistency. Not about burning off other Sunday morning cyclists.

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